Chapter 32

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~Maya POV~

Maya- What do you mean you are moving?

Sophia- My dad got a job in Havana, Cuba.

Maya- When are you leaving?

Sophia- Next week.

Maya- Have you told Martinus?

Sophia- No, I was going to tell him but Marcus woke up and since then I never got the courage to tell him.

Maya- You have to tell him.

Sophia- I know.

Maya- Wait would your parents let you live with me because it gets pretty lonely in that house and then you won't have to move.

Sophia- Maybe. Let's go ask.

We got off the bench and she told Martinus that we are going to her house and we ran to her house because we don't want to wait. We walked through her door and found her mum and dad in the lounge room watching TV. I stayed at the door frame when Sophia went over to stand in front of the TV.

Mrs. Johns- Hello Maya

Maya- Hi Mr. and Mrs. Johns.

Sophia- Mum, Dad am I allowed to live with Maya. Since my whole life is here and I dont want to pick up and move.

Mr. Johns- Is that alright with you Maya?

Maya- Yea, it was my idea, Mr. Johns.

Mrs. Johns- We will give you an answer at the end of the week.

Sophia- Okay.

We walked out of her house and down to the park and sat on the bench.

Maya- You have to tell Martinus because you don't want to wait just in case you move.

Sophia- I'm so scared though of his reaction

I got out my phone and texted Martinus to come down to the park. After a few minutes Martinus came down and of course, he had to bring Marcus along with him.

Sophia- Martinus, what are you doing here?

Martinus- Maya texted me to come down here.

Sophia shot me a death stare and I gave her a grin back.

Maya- So I'm going to be over there.

I walked away and next to Marcus. He was on the hill where I told him about my home life.

Maya- What are you doing up here?

Marcus- Sitting

Maya- But why here?

Marcus- Because I feel like I have a connection to this place. I don't know why or how I just feel it. I know it sounds weird.

When he said that my heart smiled, I feel like his sub-conscious knows who I am and its giving little hits or something.

Maya- No it doesn't

Marcus- Why do you like it up here?

Maya- It has a really special meaning to me.

I looked over at Sophia and Martinus and Martinus was getting up from the bench and Sophia was in tears. I ran over to her and gave her a hug and we walked back to my house in silence.  

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