Chapter 29

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~Maya POV~

It has been 2 weeks since the kidnapping and Marcus got shot. Two weeks of torture waiting for him to wake up.  Martinus and I have been a mess we have been going to school every day but we went to the hospital before school and then straight after we come back and we do our homework there. Another week have passed and another and another. Now it has been over a month and I just want him to wake up. I keep talking to him every day to hopefully wake him up.

Mr. and Mrs. Gunnarsen was in the room with me and they were telling me about memories about Marcus they were so cute and funny until the doctor came in and wanted to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Gunnarsen. Once they left I walked over to Marcus grabbed his hand, I leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear

Maya- Please wake up soon. I need you. Martinus needs you. Everyone needs you. I love you.

I gave him another kiss on the cheek and walked back to where I was sitting when Mr. and Mrs. Gunnarsen walked back in they had Mrs. Gunnarsen had tears streaming down her face and I could see Mr. Gunnarsen wanted to cry as well but he wanted to be strong for his wife. I walked over to Mrs. Gunnarsen and gave her a hug and walked her over to the couch for her to sit down. I sat down next to her and then asked her

Maya- Whats wrong? What did the doctor say?

Mrs. Gunnarsen dried her eyes and then replied

Mrs. Gunnarsen- He-he said th*sniff*at they might take M-marcus off life support soon.

After she said that I burst into to tears with them streaming down my face uncontrollably. Mrs. Gunnarsen gave me a hug and I turned my head over towards Marcus. Thay can't do this. Not yet. What if he dies once he gets off life support? I cant lose him.

Mr. Gunnarsen-  We also have to make a decision by the end of the week and my wife and I decided we want your opinion as well in this decision.

Maya- Shouldn't you tell Martinus about this as well and get his opinion. It is his twin brother and his best friend.

Mrs. Gunnarsen- I know we need to tell Martinus but I have no idea how he will deal with this as well. He is really lucky he has Sophia to look after him.

Will they tell Martinus about bringing Marcus off life support? What will happen if they do tell him? How is Martinus dealing with everything?

A/N: I'm sorry these are coming out really slow but I do hope you enjoy them.

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