Chapter 19

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~Maya POV~

When I finished trying all the clothes and showing them to everyone, decided to go down to the park. We all walked down to the park and sat down on the grass without a care in the world not thinking anything would happen. We all sat down on the grass with me leaning on Marcus and Sophia leaning on Martinus looking at the water. After a while of talking and laughing with each other, we all decided to get Ice cream. We walked over to the Ice cream truck once we got over there and about to order Marcus said

Marcus- What do you guys want? I'm buying.

Maya- Can I please have a rainbow ice cream.

Sophia- Can I please have chocolate

Martinus- And can I please have cookies and cream.

Marcus walked up to the ice cream man and said

Marcus- Hi, can I please have one rainbow ice cream, one chocolate ice cream, one cookies and cream and one m&m ice cream.

Ice cream man- That will be $12.75, please.

Marcus put his hand in his pocket pulled out a $15 note and gave it to the ice cream man and he handed him two dollars back. The ice cream man gave us all our ice cream, we all walked away from the ice cream van and while we were walking no of us was paying attention when I collided with someone making my ice cream all over there shirt.

Random Person- WHAT THE HELL!!!

I knew that high pitched squeal anywhere. It was Ashley. Well shit! I was too scared to look up at Ashley but I ended up looking up. When I looked but at her face it was red and you could see steam coming out of her ears.

Ashley- What the hell are you doing here with MY boyfriend!

I noticed I was still holding hands with Marcus so I quickly let go.

Ashley- I asked you a question so I would want you to answer! 

Maya- I can to spend time with my friend and we bumped into Martinus and Marcus

I mumbled because when it came to standing up to her all my confidence immediately drained from my body. Marcus then spoke up

Marcus- I was actually here spending time with my 'girlfriend', my brother and his girlfriend.

Marcus said emphasizing girlfriend.

Ashley- But you're  with me. Not this tone deaf, ugly, stupid, lazy, idiotic, slutty person next to you.

When Ashley said all those things tears threatened to come out of my eyes, then wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, then he said 

Marcus- Never ever call Maya any of those names because she is the most beautiful, caring, kind, stubborn and the strongest person you will ever meet.

I looked up at him and thought I am so lucky.

A/N Hey guys I really want you to read this because no matter what anyone tells you you are perfect just the way you are and if they bully you they are just jealous of everything you have.

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