Chapter 15

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~Maya POV~

Marcus- I'm sorry

Maya- For what?

Marcus- I kissed Ashley

Maya- Then why were you smiling


Maya- You like her. Please don't talk to me again

Marcus- Maya please don't break up with me


Marcus- Maya


Marcus- Maya, please


I turned my phone off and ran out of the house slamming the door with tears streaming out of my eyes. How could he do this to me? I ran all the way to the cemetery and to my Mum and Dads grave. I sat down and just cried why couldn't I be with them?  

I heard my phone ding so I looked who it was and it was Sophia but I had 63 texts from Marcus and 24 missed calls from him too.  I looked at Sophias text and she said

Sophia- Where are you Marcus is freaking out.

Maya- Why would he care?

Sophia- Just where are you?

Maya- Would you come alone?

Sophia- Fine I will come alone.

Maya- I'm at the cemetery 

Sophia- On my way

I just sat in front of my parents grave and cried, I miss them so much why can't they be here with me.  I sat there for a few minutes before I heard footsteps coming my way. I turned around and saw Sophia running towards me when she got to me she sat down next to me and gave me a hug.

Sophia- What happened?

Maya- Marcus happened.

Sophia- Have you been crying?

I nodded my head slowly and hugged her back

Sophia- How about you stay at my house tonight.

 I nodded my head again we got up and walked back to Sophia's house. When we walked inside I looked in her living room and saw Marcus and Martinus sitting in there. I ran up her stairs and to either the bathroom or her bedroom. I found the bathroom first so I went in there and locked the door. 

I sat down leaning on the wall just crying, I heard a faint knock on the door so I asked 

Maya- Who is it?

Sophia- It's Sophia

I got up ad unlocked the door but when I opened it I didn't just see Sophia I also saw Marcus and Martinus. I tried to close the door but Marcus's foot got in the way and he just came in and he closed to door behind him.

Marcus- Maya I'm so sorry I didn't want to kiss her I rather kiss you. I felt so guilty because I did that

Maya- Then why were you smiling when you guys came in?

Marcus- Becuase I saw you.

Maya- If you felt guilty would you had a frown when you saw me.

Marcus- Please don't be angry at me, I am really sorry. Please forgive me.

I looked up at him and saw he was giving me the puppy dog eyes. Am I going to forgive? I have no idea what to do, what if he does this again. Please give me some sort of sign of which was I should go.

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