Chapter 43

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~Marcus POV~ 

It has been a few days now since Maya has left. I miss her. I miss her so freaking much. As soon as I got home I called out to Martinus and told him everything how Maya told me about Ashley, how we kissed, how she left and how I remember everything. Then Martinus called Sophie to come over and I had to retell everything to her. After that, we made a plan to try and get Maya back. First I had text Ashley 

Marcus: Hi Ashley, its Marcus. I was wondering if you wanted to meet up somewhere, so I can tell you something really important. 

I got a reply almost immediately. Wow, this girl is desperate.

Ashley: Hi Marcus, of course, I will come and meet you. Just tell me when and where and Iw will meet you there❤

Martinus, Sophie and I all decided on a meeting time and place to meet Ashley.

Marcus: How about the tonight at the park at 7?

Ashley: Sounds perfect. See you then bby. I love you xx

I rolled my eyes at her last sentence she thought I was going to tell her I love her. Ha, no way that is going to happen. 

The time eventually rolled around to it was 6:45 we started getting ready and going over the plan one more time. We were about a block away from the park when we decided we should split up. I went straight, Martinus went left and Sophie went right. I got to the park and sat down on a park bench waiting for Ashely to arrive. I waited five minutes until she showed up she walked over to me saying

Ashley- Hey bby.

She sat next to me and grabbed my hand and wrapped her hands around it. Her hands are cold and not like Maya's which are soft and warm. 

Ashely- So what did you want to tell me? 

I looked at her in the eyes and said

Marcus- Well I wanted to tell you that...

I looked at Martinus telling him to do it know and he snuck up behind Ashley and about to put the needle in when she turned around grabbed his wrist and turned it back on him. I looked at her in shock.

Ashley- I knew you you had other reasons for me to come here.

She then injected something into my arm I was trying to keep my eyes open to the point I couldn't keep them open anymore.

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