Chapter 14

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~Maya POV~

I walked inside and saw Ashley sitting there facing the door with an angry expression on her face, she looked like she was waiting for me to walk through the door.

Ashley- Where the hell have you been?

I immediately knew I was screwed. Ashley stood up and started walking towards me and she repeated 

Ashley- Where the hell have you been?

Maya- Out with my friend

Ashley- Since when do you have a friend?

Maya- Since a few days ago

Ashley- Whatever and go make dinner for two

Maya- Did Brittany come back?

Ashley- No its for me and Marcus.

When she said that I felt a ping of jealousy but I had to remind myself that it is fake and he likes me. Just as I was thinking out it a thought came into my head what if he kisses her.

Ashley- Well are you going to go or not?

I quickly turned around and went straight to the kitchen not wanting to be there anymore. I walked straight into the kitchen, I put my school bag on the floor near the counter. I got all the ingredients to make Spaghetti and started cooking it. When I finished making the sauce the doorbell rang so I called out to Ashley

Maya- Ashley your boyfriend is here.

Ashley- Then get the door I'm doing my makeup.

I walked over to the door and saw Marcus standing there, we just stared at each other until I finally spoke

Maya- Come in, Ashley is just doing her makeup.

Marcus came in and he was standing really close to me so I took a little step back not wanting to be too far from him.

Marcus- You do know I would rather have dinner with you then Ashely.

Maya- I know

We just smiled at each other until Ashley came down making both of our smiles disappeared and was replaced with a frown.

Ashely- Sorry is she bothering you.

Marcus- She was no problem, she was great company 

When Marcus said that I felt heat rush to my cheeks so I looked down so Ashley wouldn't see my cheeks. I turned around and went back to the kitchen. I got three bowls out and put spaghetti in all of the bowls then the sauce on top, then to top it all off I sprinkled parmesan on top. I walked into the dining room and places the two bowls on the table and called out

Maya- DInner is ready

I saw them both walk into the kitchen with a smile on their faces and sit down in front of the bowl. When they were both walking in like that I couldn't help but feel jealous. So I turned around walked back into the kitchen where my bowl was. I started eating when I got a text from Marcus

Marcus- I like a girl who can cook.

Maya- Thanks. What were you and Ashley smiling about when you guys walked in?

Marcus- Nothing

Maya- Don't like. It hasn't even been a day and you're already lying.

Marcus- I told you it was nothing.

Maya- You know I will find out from Ashley when she brags about hanging out with you.

Marcus- It was nothing 

Maya- Well it didn't look like nothing to me

Marcus- I didn't think of you as the jealous girlfriend

Maya- Sorry what if you were in my position and I was in yours. How would you feel?

Marcus- I'm sorry Maya I didn't think about it like that


Marcus- Maya please answer me


Marcus- I'm sorry


Marcus- You do realize I'm still in your house right


Marcus- I will break up with Ashley if you don't answer me 

Maya- Marcus if you really like me you would tell me.

Marcus- I'm so sorry

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