Chapter 45

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~Maya POV~

I woke up with a massive headache and a massive pain in my right knee, I tried to touch my head when I couldn't move my wrist from where they were. I opened my eyes bit more to look at my surroundings when I saw everything was pitch black around me but there was a bright light shining down on me. Suddenly everything comes rushing back to me from before when Marcu said he didn't love me and me getting shot.

I heard footsteps walking around the room, I kept moving my head not knowing who they belonged to or where they were coming from. I finally got to see the footsteps when she stepped into the light. 

Ashley- Hey again Maya. How did it feel getting your heart ripped out?

She said with a sickly sweet smile on her face. I tried to get my hands out of the rope so I could punch her right in the face. 

Ashley- Oh, hunni. You aren't getting out of those anytime soon.

I tried again but no luck.

Maya- What the hell do you want Ashley?

Ashley- Now, now, now. That's no way to speak to me, missy. Remember I can bring you as much pain as you like. 

Maya- You crazy bitch.

Ashley- At least Marcus loves me.

She said with another sickly sweet smile on her face and flicking her hair in my face as she walked out the door. I relaxed into my chair thinking that I wouldn't get out of here anytime soon. I just sat there as silent tears started streaming down my face as I replayed everything that has happened today.

I heard the door open again and footsteps walking closer to me until they came into the light. It was Marcus. My heart dropped and I started to cry more and more seeing him is just a reminder of what he said earlier. I broke eye contact with him looking in my lap, on the floor and even starting into the darkness. I built up to courage to say

Maya- What do you want?

I quickly looked into his eyes and saw hurt, I was actually surprised since he hurt me. Maybe I said that I bit too aggressive but I don't care, he hurt me. He broke my heart into a million pieces.

Maya- Well, are you just going to stand there or actually say something?

I looked closer and he had tears coming out of his eyes, how didn't I see this before. I heard another pair of footsteps sounding like they were coming from behind Marcus and when I finally saw who it was. It was both Ashley and Zoe, holding a gun each. One pointed at Marcus which I doubt is loaded and then one pointed at my head. I was looking at all of them but my eyes finally rested on Marcus. We both had tears streaming out of our eyes. 

I can't believe this is the end for me, I was hoping to grow old with Marcus with our own house and watching our kids grow up into wonderful people

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