Chapter 28

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~Marcus POV~

  We all heard police sirens in the distance and then Ryder pulled out a gun. He kept pointing the gun at Sophia then Martinus and then me like he was picking someone inside his head until he stopped on me. I knew this would be the end so I glanced at Maya wishing I was going to marry her and having kids running around, I know I'm young but I have a feeling she is the one. Then I glanced over at Martinus he was my best friend, my twin brother and the person that has always had my back and I love him, I couldn't be who I was without him. 

Ryder pulled the trigger aiming it for my heart. It was like time slowed down and I took one more look at them, I closed my eyes and I felt the bullet pierce through my skin I could tell it missed my heart but right now I didn't care. I saw Ashley and Ryder run off and I heard Maya and Martinus's voice yell

Maya&Martinus- MARCUS!!!

I heard the door open with a lot of force and some people rushed over to me and some untied my friends. When they put me on the stretcher I felt warm tears on my face and someone put there warm hand on my cheek.

Maya- Marcus, please don't leave me yet. I need you. Please

Worker- Miss, we need to take him now.

Maya- Okay.

~Maya POV~

The door opened with a lot of force from the workers, some of the works rushed over too Marcus since he was bleeding and some come over to us to untie us. When they put Marcus on a stretcher I ran over too him with tears running down my face. I put my hand on his cheek and said too him

Maya- Marcus, please don't leave me yet. I need you. Please.

Worker- Miss, we need to take him now.

Maya- Okay.

I backed up thinking of the future with Marcus I would have, we would be married and have kids. I cant lose him no-one could fill the hole in my heart. Martinus, Sophia and I all got called over to answer a few questions about the kidnapping and after the questions, they dropped us off at the hospital to see Marcus. We all ran to the information desk to see how Marcus was doing and to see what room he is in. 

Maya- Hi, could you please tell us how Marcus Gunnarsen is doing and what room he is in?

Worker Lady- What are your relations to Mr. Gunnarsen?

Maya- I'm his girlfriend, this is his twin brother and this is one of his friends.

Worker Lady- I'm only going to tell all of you just because of the circumstances but he just come out of surgery and he is in room 710.

Maya- Thank you so much.

We ran to find room 710 and once we found it I ran into the room to see Marcus. When I saw him he looked pale and a little lifeless but the heart monitor was beeping so that was good. I turned around to the doctor and asked

Maya- When will he wake up?

Dr. Mc- I am not quite sure because he is in a coma and it depends on the person when they want to wake up.

I stood there in shock what if he never wakes up. I started crying again wishing he would wake up soon.

A/N: Sorry it took so long to come out I have a lot going on starting school and a few other things but I am trying to do the best I can. I also hope you enjoyed this chapter even if it was a bit shitty.

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