Chapter 37

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~ Maya POV~

We both got up and went into the kitchen. We got out all the ingredients for the cookies and started making it, we got them into the oven now all we have to do is wait. Since I was wondering what to do to him for my enjoyment I thought to pour flour on his hair. So I grabbed a handful of flour and dropped it all over his hair. He turned around and said

Marcus- What was that for?

Maya- Because I wanted to.

Before I realized I felt egg running down my face. It's on. I grabbed the milk and poured it on top of his hair. That's going to be hard to get out. He grabbed the leftover butter and poured it on my head.

I was about to grab the sugar when Marcus said

Marcus- Okay, stop, stop.

I looked at the kitchen and everything was a mess. I put the sugar back down and looked at Marcus, he looks so cute with food on him. I stopped thinking about that and then spoke up

Maya- You can use the shower on the second floor.

Marcus- Is there a shower down here?

I shook my head and he said

Marcus- What will you do while you wait?

I looked around and said

Maya- Clean up.

Marcus- I'm not letting you do this by yourself.

Maya- Marcus it's fine. Just go have a shower.

Marcus- I will be quick and so you can have a shower.

He quickly ran upstairs and I started to clean up the kitchen. I continued cleaning when Marcus came out WITHOUT a shirt. I felt heat rise up to my cheeks. I finally tore my eyes away from his abs and looked at his face and he was blushing. His hair was all messy and damp. When he spoke up I immediately snapped out of my thoughts

Marcus- You can take a picture if you want it to last longer.

I did what he said I grabbed my phone and took a picture. I wouldn't usually do this but this is my only chance to see it and this is for memories.

Maya- I'm going to have a shower so you can finish the kitchen.

I quickly walked down to my bedroom and grabbed some clothes for me to change into. Then I thought that Marcus would want some clothes so I grabbed some of my Dad's old clothes and walked back up the stairs and gave him my dads clothes

Maya- Here you can wear these.

Marcus- Thanks, but are you sure you don't want to keep looking at this.

I blushed, rolled my eyes and walked away to the bathroom. I jumped into the shower and washed my hair from the egg and butter out of my hair. I changed into a pair of tracksuit pants and a t-shirt. I walked back downstairs when I saw Marcus finished cleaning up and the cookies are out of the oven cooling. When I looked at my dad's clothes I almost started crying but I didn't, when Marcus turned around he could tell I was about to cry so he came over and hugged me. Once he engouled me into a hug I just started crying and we stayed like that for a few minutes. Until we pulled away. I wiped away the tears and asked

Maya- let's try the cookies.

We both tried each other and Marcus's was so good. I wonder what he used.

Maya- You win. You can help me with the project.

We both walked into the lounge room and did the project. 

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