Chapter 17

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~Maya POV~

I woke up with my head resting on something that I know is not my pillow. When I lifted my head up to see what I was laying on and then I remembered I fell asleep on Marcus's chest. I tried to find Sophia and Martinus but they weren't in the lounge room. I got up really slowly and quietly because I didn't want to wake Marcus up. Once I got up I decided to look in Sophia's room when I opened the door I saw them on her bed, cuddling. They look so cute.

I walked back downstairs to Marcus who was already up and sitting on the couch.

Marcus- Morning cupcake

He stood up from his position while I walked over to him and gave him a hug.

Maya- Morning handsome. Whats for breakfast?

Marcus- Pancakes

I jumped up and down I always get really excited about pancakes. I grabbed Marcus's hand and dragged him to the kitchen. When we got to the kitchen I went to the pantry and grabbed the flour, eggs, milk.(A/N I have no idea how to make pancakes I just know a few ingredients so I'm using them)

Marcus- You do know we have pancake mix right?

Maya- What is the fun in that if we don't make it. 

I continued to grab a mixing bowl and put the ingredients in. I saw Marcus grab a handful of flour and I immediately knew what he was going to do.

Maya- Marcus, don't you dare throw that at me.

I was slowly baking away because it is really hard to get it out of hair.

Maya- Please don't throw it at me it will take me forever to get out if my hair.

I kept backing away and Marcus was walking towards me with an evil smirk on his face. I kept walking back when my back it the bench and I was stuck. I put my hand behind me hoping to find something to throw back at him and I found an egg. Perfect. Marcus then through the flour at me and I through the egg at him and then it turned into a food fight.

When we stopped we looked around and the kitchen was a mess, we need to clean it before Sophia's parents sees this.

Maya- We need to clean this up and ourselves.

Marcus- Yea, you go have a shower and I'll start cleaning up.

Maya- Ok and also I need some clothes.

Marcus- I will go get some of mine.

We went upstairs and found a bathroom with me following behind. When we got to the bathroom he let me take the first shower and he would find another shower to clean up. I walked into the bathroom I tried to get all the flour out of my hair before I had a shower. After I had a shower I changed back into my clothes. When I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, I saw Marcus had already cleaned up the kitchen and himself. I am so lucky.

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