Chapter 9

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~Maya POV~

When I got back to my seat my phone vibrated. When I got it out it was a message from Marcus

Marcus- Could you please help Martinus with Sophia?

When he wrote this I knew Martinus wanted Sophia as a girlfriend and I decided to help since they would look like a cute couple.

Maya- What do you need me to do?

Marcus- Make Sophia forgive Martinus.

Maya- Okay

I shut off my phone and turned to Sophia.

Maya- Martinus likes you

Sophia- No he doesn't 

Maya- If didn't why is he staring at you right now

I gestured my head towards Martinus

Maya- And he asked Marcus to ask me to help him get you.

Sophia- If he really likes me, he needs to tell me himself.

I got my phone out and texted Marcus

Maya- Martinus needs to tell Sophia how he feels.

Marcus- Thanks. I'll tell him :)

I put my phone back down and started paying attention to the teacher for the rest of the lesson. After 10 minutes the bell went for lunch, Sophia and I walked out of the classroom and to our locker to put our books away and collect our lunches. 

We went outside and sat down under a tree when we were eating and talking I saw Marcus and Martinus start to walk up to us, I could tell that he is coming to tell Sophia about his feelings for her. When they walked up to us Martinus stood in front of Sophia and Marcus stood in front of me. 

Martinus- Sophia 

~Sophia POV~

When I saw Marcus and Martinus walked up to Maya and me, I looked down at my lap because I couldn't look at him any longer. I could see shadows in front of me and I knew it was Martinus in front of me.

Martinus- Sophia

When I heard Martinus say that I lifted my head up and made eye contact with him. He sat down in front of me and grabbed them both, during that we never broke eye contact with each other.

Martinus- Sophia, this is the absolute truth, I never wanted to hurt you, I didn't mean to make you jealous. I would be jealous if I saw you with any other boy and I'm saying that because I really like you... more than a friend. 

When Martinus said that I was absolutely speechless. I didn't know what to say back to him but I knew I really liked him too. I finally decided to tell him after my mental battle.

Sophia- I really like you too... More than a friend.

I grabbed Martinus and gave him a bone-crushing hug. This turned out to a good day after all.

~Maya POV~

When I saw Sophia and Martinus admit they both like each other, it made me a little bit jealous. I wish I had that with Marcus but then I remembered the flashback I had of the message


Marcus- Please Maya, forgive me I really like you

Maya- You already have a girlfriend so leave it alone.

End of Flashback

I got snapped out of my thoughts when the bell rang, I got up from where I was sitting and saw Martinus and Sophia walking a few meters in front of me. While I was walking I was wondering where is Marcus? I continued walking once I got my locker and pulled out my books for my next class, as I was walking I felt a tap on my shoulder when I turned around I saw Marcus. I smile can across my face as soon as I saw him.

Maya- Hey

Marcus- Hey

Maya- Where are the two girls in your group?

Marcus- They went home "sick".

When Marcus said that I rolled my eyes typical.

Maya- Of course, they did.

We both walked into the classroom since we have the same class, we took a seat near the back of the classroom. Once we sat down we talked a bit me they the second bell went telling us to go to our classes, everyone started to pile into the classroom and after a few minutes the teacher came in and started teaching us school things. After the bell rang Me and Marcus got out of our chairs and collected our books before we walked our separate ways Marcus said to me

Marcus- See you at the park later.

When he said that I remembered that I told him that I was going to tell him about my home life. I gave him a nod and went to my locker to grab my bag. Once I walked out of the school gates I started walking to the park.

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