Chapter 31

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~ Maya POV~

Ever since the day I ran out of the hospital it has been horrible. I've been pushing away Martinus and Sophia since it is hard to look ar Martinus's face without thinking of Marcus. I don't know why I've been pushing Sophia away she hasn't done anything but I feel like I have too. The police are still on looking for Ashley and Ryder, so I have been in this house all by my self, it gets a bit lonely sometimes but what can I do about it.

When I go to school I see Marcus, Martinus, and Sophia all hanging out together and they look like they are having a great time and so I just walk past them and do what I need to do. Martinus and Sophia walk past me and when they look at me they give me a sorry expression on there faces.

I am currently sitting in Science class with Marcus, Martinus, and Sophia but they are sitting at another table. I looked over at them time to time but when I looked over at them I saw Sophia and Martinus with there phone out and then I felt my phone vibrate. I looked at it and they made a group chat with only us three called 💖

Sophia- Can you please meet me and Martinus at the small cafe where we first met after school

Martinus- Please, if you say no we will leave you alone.

Maya- Okay, but you guys need to buy me a milkshake

Sophia- Sure😊

I put my phone back down and focused on the lesson. After school, I walked over too the small cafe where I met Sophia and I sat down and waited for them. They finally showed up but they bring a special guest with them so before I could get out the door Martinus grabbed me and made me sit down. Martinus sat down next to me so I didn't run away, Marcus sat across from me and Sophia gave me a milkshake as promised and sat down next to Marcus.

Maya- So why am I here?

Sophia- I miss my best friend and I need to tell you something.

Maya- Then why is he here.

I said looking at Marcus.

Martinus- Because...

Sophia- Doesn't matter. So how have you been?

Maya- Okay.

Sophia looked at me like she knew I was lying.

Sophia- Come on Maya, we are going to go for a walk

We got up and walked out of the cafe. We got to the park then Sophia spoke up and said

Sophia- How are you really going?

Maya- To be honest, I'm doing terribly, I miss him so much but he doesn't even remember me and I'm sorry for pushing you away.

At this point, tears were starting to come out of my eyes. Sophia gave me a hug and I wiped away my tears

Sophia- Maya I have to tell you something really important.

Maya- What is it?

Sophia- I'm moving.

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