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family friend (reader x martinus) by hashtagbequiet
family friend (reader x martinus)by hashtagbequiet
y/n's parents have always stayed close with their friends, y/n considered it to be a family friend type of thing. she grew up to be an only child, but always felt like...
5 Simple Ways to make him love you by imagines_mm
5 Simple Ways to make him love youby annie
We were so fucking close to each other again. Some of his friends saw us like this and they came closer to us. Marcus' friends; Hey Marcus. Why you didn't tell us you ha...
Marcus and Martinus imagines by GunnarsenBaess
Marcus and Martinus imaginesby GunnarsenBaess
Hey! First things first, I'm not a writer, I just like trying new things and this might be one of them:) For now, requests are closed, just so you could see my first ima...
silence.                                                    +martinus gunnarsen+ by blurryfandom
#4 blurryfandom
she looked at me with those deep hazel eyes. i knew she was screaming on the inside, yet nothing was coming out.
Love for years! by luvmarcusandmartinus
Love for years!by ❤️Marcus and Martinus❤️
(COMPLETED) Sofia, lives in Trofors next to her all time best friends, Marcus and Martinus. But she seems to want more with one of the twins.. Cover by: @TroforsSquad
You Changed Me [completed✔️]  by buttercuup___
You Changed Me [completed✔️] by lana <3
Martinus Gunnarsen is the biggest playboy in the school, but who can change him? Laura Antonia Willson , normal girl in the school (17) and Martinus Gunnarsen, school's...
(un)happy // Martinus Gunnarsen by blurrygunnarsen
(un)happy // Martinus Gunnarsenby mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Sequel to "Him. // Martinus Gunnarsen" Happily together, but for how long is the happiness going to last? [cover by blurryfandom]
Hard to get (Marcus gunnarsen) COMPLETED by gunnarsengoalsx
Hard to get (Marcus gunnarsen) Gunnarsengoals
*inspired by 'Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging'*Graces life turns into one big mess after two boys join the school. She falls for one. Marcus. But he is just so hard t...
wrong number {marcus gunnarsen} by blurryfandom
wrong number {marcus gunnarsen}by blurryfandom
most people ignore a text from a wrong number. but she isn't like most people. cover @laz...
who say that I can not love you by storysmactinus
who say that I can not love youby storysmactinus
This is story about twin brother and sister who fall in love with echoder. They relationship will be hard and hidden. But what if someone found out ? It will be hard fo...
Playboy and his brother // Marcus & Martinus  by blurrygunnarsen
Playboy and his brother // mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Marcus Gunnarsen, biggest playboy in Trofors. Every girl dreams about him. New girl almost every day, fucking everyone who walks by. Then there is Martinus Gu...
this is a fanfiction about Martinus Gunnarsen and Y/n. Marcus and Martinus are not famous in this story and they are 17 Y/n is 16. what if Martinus starts to be possess...
love has no limits by storysmactinus
love has no limitsby storysmactinus
read if you want to know about what is this story
Double Love || Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen  by Dya_didi101
Double Love || Marcus and « 𝙳𝚒𝙳𝚘 »
*completed* What happens after hate turns into love? •••••• The twins Roza and Roz are on their first day at school. They meet another set of twins Marcus and Martinus. ...
can you see me? ///m.g by blurryfandom
can you see me? ///m.gby blurryfandom
all emilie wants is for martinus to feel the same way she feels about him. she wants to make him see her the way she sees him...
sparkles | marcus gunnarsen by shinegunnarsen
sparkles | marcus gunnarsenby marcus & martinus <3
they forgot her. they seem to not care about her anymore. but she does. a lot. sparkles. a marcus & martinus fanfiction. ©by shinegunnarsen; 2018/2019 started posting: 1...
You? Again? | M&M G. (✔️) by XniezrozumienieX
You? Again? | M&M G. (✔️)by kuroo ♡
-Don't you dare to touch me again. Or talk to me. Or even look at me. -Why not princess? - his deep voice made me shiver. -I'm not your princess. Just fuck off. -Never...
imagines #2 by storysmactinus
imagines #2by storysmactinus
imagines - dirty/sad/cute My acc on Instagram (where you can ask me for one) - @/xmactinusfanpagex and @/xmactinusgnrx
One Decision by gldenmoon
One Decisionby gldenmoon
Maya Baker lives in Trofors, Norway with her Step-Mum and Step-Sister. Maya was always invisible until she got paired with one most popular person at their school for a...
murderer // martinus gunnarsen by blurrygunnarsen
murderer // martinus gunnarsenby mactinus ♛
when a peaceful summer night turns into a nightmare. cover by daddymactinus (ig)