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dirty imagines ~ m.g by fuckyaachickenstrips
dirty imagines ~ m.gby this bitch empty
I take requests! Just like the title says, every chapter will be one short dirty novel with either Marcus or Martinus. I'll also write some that hasn't been requested, w...
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Take your chance - Marcus & Martinus FF by TheStory-of-myLife
Take your chance - Marcus & TheStory-of-myLife
Elli and her family have to move a lot because of work. This time it goes to Norway. At first Elli wasn't really excited about leaving Germany, which became in the past...
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Mactinus- This Strange Little Feelings Which Grows Everyday by xiuweety_mint
Mactinus- This Strange Little Suhoe is Omma
I knowww! It's strange to make brothers fall in love for one another, but ya know it's just that, I don't know... I love writing it. Well, anyway I really enjoy writing...
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Marcus and Martinus imagines by GunnarsenBaess
Marcus and Martinus imaginesby GunnarsenBaess
Hey! First things first, I'm not a writer, I just like trying new things and this might be one of them:) For now, requests are closed, just so you could see my first ima...
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Brotherly love? Or anything more... [M&M - DOKONČENO]  by KajaH710
Brotherly love? Or anything Just MMer 😘
Co když Martinus zjistí, že ke svému staršímu bratrovi, dvojčeti Marcusovi asi cítí něco víc? Bude Marcus jeho city opětovat? A co rodina? Pokud Marcus jeho city opěto...
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Roommates by AKMM_05
Roommatesby A.K.
"And when I first met you I never would have imagined that I would have such strong feelings for you, I never would have thought, that I would have dreams about you...
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sparkles | marcus gunnarsen by shinegunnarsen
sparkles | marcus gunnarsenby marcus & martinus <3
they forgot her. they seem to not care about her anymore. but she does. a lot. sparkles. a marcus & martinus fanfiction. ©by shinegunnarsen; 2018/2019 started posting: 1...
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imagines #2 by storysmactinus
imagines #2by storysmactinus
imagines - dirty/sad/cute My acc on Instagram (where you can ask me for one) - @/xmactinusfanpagex and @/xmactinusgnrx
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Decisions (a Marcus and Martinus fanfic) by Everybodysfan
Decisions (a Marcus and Martinus Anonymous
When Melanie visits Norway with her best friend Maddie they find twins with two different personalities Marcus (a typical bad boy) and Martinus (a typical funny,cute, an...
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this is a fanfiction about Martinus Gunnarsen and Y/n. Marcus and Martinus are not famous in this story and they are 17 Y/n is 16. what if Martinus starts to be possess...
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who say that I can not love you by storysmactinus
who say that I can not love youby storysmactinus
This is story about twin brother and sister who fall in love with echoder. They relationship will be hard and hidden. But what if someone found out ? It will be hard fo...
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(un)happy // Martinus Gunnarsen by blurrygunnarsen
(un)happy // Martinus Gunnarsenby mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Sequel to "Him. // Martinus Gunnarsen" Happily together, but for how long is the happiness going to last? [cover by blurryfandom]
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Marcus & Martinus Imagines by coffeerosie
Marcus & Martinus Imaginesby dreamer
gif imagines about these two Norwegian boys :) (they can be very bad, I'm sorry :p) started: 07/16/18 finished: -
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Jealous//Ft. Marcus And Martinus(Completed)  by xxreza
Jealous//Ft. Marcus And Martinus( Just Another Girl
First: This is my first book so it's not that good, but you can also check out my other books! ❤️ It's about a girl that gets bullied by a boy named Martinus. But what a...
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fake [m.g] | ON HOLD by lucidmartinus
fake [m.g] | ON HOLDby janni ✨
in which martinus gunnarsen has to figure out who he is before he loses everything. - #1 in trofors #3 in gunnarsen
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Playboy and his brother // Marcus & Martinus  by blurrygunnarsen
Playboy and his brother // mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Marcus Gunnarsen, biggest playboy in Trofors. Every girl dreams about him. New girl almost every day, fucking everyone who walks by. Then there is Martinus Gu...
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Just Childhood Love ||Marcus & Martinus|| by Vanjaa_1015
Just Childhood Love ||Marcus & Mrs.Gunnarsen
Isabela is just a normal girl from Canada. She have a sister who is MMer. One day she got the news that they are moving. For her sister thats a heaven, but what is that...
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can I trust you? by storysmactinus
can I trust you?by storysmactinus
I saw him few times or maybe realy often because his sister is my best friend. He never seem to notice me but actually he do. One day while she go away just for some min...
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can you see me? ///m.g by blurryfandom
can you see me? ///m.gby blurryfandom
all emilie wants is for martinus to feel the same way she feels about him. she wants to make him see her the way she sees him...
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eclipse [m. gunnarsen] by blurryfandom
eclipse [m. gunnarsen]by blurryfandom
she is like an eclipse. when you see her beneath the dark shadows she is hiding under, she's the most beautiful thing...
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