Chapter 2

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~Maya POV~

Once school was finished I went back home and started the clean bitch junior's room, before her and her guests come over. Once I finished cleaning her room I went downstairs to my room and started my English homework. While I was doing my homework, I heard the front door open and I heard four voices which were Marcus, Martinus, Lindsay and Ashley. I put n my headphones in and started listening to music. I started singing One More Second by Marcus and Martinus, I like their music it's catchy.

Maya- Five All I wish I could do, Four You get you out of this room Three, Two All I really want is One more second with you.

Then I heard a faint clapping, I quickly turned around and saw Marcus standing there clapping.

Maya- What are you doing here you should be upstairs Ashley?

Marcus- I went to get a drink and then I heard you singing one of my songs, so I thought I should check it out. Did you know you can sing and why do you live in the small basement and why does Ashley boss you around?

Maya- Just go back to Ashley and don't ask me about my personal life.

Marcus- But what about the project?

Maya- I will finish it and go back to Ashley she is probably wondering where you were.

Marcus- But I want to help

Maya- You can help by leaving

Marcus- But...

Maya- Out

I said half yelling and pointing at the door. Marcus started to walk out the door and up the stairs. Finally, I was alone again then I continued doing the homework. Around 5:30 I walked to the kitchen and passed Ashley and her friends talking in the living room

Ashley- Make sure you make enough for everyone they are staying over tonight and make sure the guest bedrooms are ready.

I glanced quickly at Marcus who was looking at me like he was trying to study me.

Maya- But there is only two guest bedrooms and 3 of them

Ashley- Marcus can sleep in my room

I glanced at Marcus and I couldn't help doing a little chuckle under my breath he looked horrified.

Marcus- No it's okay I can just sleep on the couch

I nodded my head, then turned around walking feeling a pair of eyes watching my every move before I was out of sight. I started to cook spaghetti and meatballs. I set the table and called everyone for dinner

Maya- Dinner is ready

I quickly get all the bowls and put them on the table when I put Marcus's food down he asked

Marcus- Where are you sitting?

I quickly looked at Ashley who was giving me an angry glare.

Maya- I'm not hungry

Marcus- But you need to eat, you really thin

Maya- I'm fine, just leave it all

I said as I walked out of the dining room, I knew I was in deep trouble when they all leave. I went back to the kitchen to do the dishes. After I finished the ones I cooked with, Marcus came out with all the bowls that everyone ate out off.

Marcus- Are you sure your not going t eat? You really need it you look so fragile.

Maya- I can tell you I am not fragile. Now get out of the kitchen and back to your friends.

I said angry, I am not a fragile. I got the dirty plates, started washed them, then I saw Marcus walk out and then I let the dishes dry on the rack. I went upstairs and prepared the guest bedrooms, wondering why does Marcus care about me all of a sudden? By I could never get too close him otherwise Ashley would kill me because she has this massive crush on Marcus.

Once I finished everything I walked down to my room and put on my PJs then brushed my teeth, turning off the lights and getting into bed. Once I was about to sleep I felt a dint in my bed. I turned the light on and saw

Maya- Marcus. What are you doing in MY bed?

I sat up glaring at him waiting for him the answer, I am so dead if Ashley finds out.

Marcus- Ummmm...

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