We have been driving for half an hour listening to the soft music in the back round left a calming sense for me as occasionally Aiden would intertwine our hands. Outside it was dark like a black blanket was thrown over the sky with shimmering diamonds peering down upon everyone in its path.

The moon was like the Cheshire cats smile in the movie Alice in wonderland and I couldn't help but smile myself as I looked up at it. 

The crunching of gravel made me snap out of my gaze, I looked over at Aiden who seemed very concentrated and calm on his driving. I looked out the windshield finding that we were driving into the woods an unfamiliar one for me I don't think I have ever been here.

I just watched as we entered the forest the big oaks and birch trees got more dense every second we passed them.

"We are here" Aiden said cutting the engine before exiting the car and rushing to my side just before I could get a hand on it.

"thank you" I blushed as Aiden wrapped his arm around my waist leading me to an unknown direction the moon glimmering was the only light we had.

"close your eyes kitten" Aiden said making me just automatically close my eyes trusting that Aiden wont pull a stunt,

after a few moments of me tripping over roots Aiden cursing that he almost didn't pick me up and finally me accidentally opening my eyes a few times we were here.

I could hear a soft water padding on water in the distance and the fresh smell of wild flowers and grass making my wolf itch to get out needing to take a run.

"OK kitten you can open your eyes now" Aiden said making my eyes snap open and widen at the sight in front of me.

fresh green grass lay in front of me like a carpet with wild purple pink and blue flowers sprouted from it in clumps to the side. Farther away a blue-ish waterfall spilled over a pile of mossy grey rocks. Only a few feet away from me was a black wired table with heart shaped wire chairs, the table had a white cloth placed on it like you might find in a cheesy movie.

A bouquet of midnight blue roses sat in the middle of the table along with wine glasses on each side two plates and shiny silverware.

I was to awe struck looking around at  the scenery that I didn't know that Aiden was talking to me. He was in front of me looking at me worriedly and biting his lip in anticipation like he thought he messed up.

I threw my self at him wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him down to my level and whispering I love it many times. Aiden didn't know what was going on had to grip onto my waist to keep us from falling to the ground.

"do you really love it?"Aiden said breaking our embrace as he stared at me worry etching his face,

"of course I do I haven't been to a place like this in well actually I have never been to a place like this" I admitted smiling widely up at my mate,

H took my hand leading me to the table and stopped me pulling out my chair and motioning for me to come sit I grinned sitting down as he pushed me snugly against the table.

" I didn't know what you like so I had to ask your parents" Aiden said moving towards a picnic basket I didn't know was there.

The smell hit me before he even made it to the table and my mouth watered at the smell of it. It was Lemon herb chicken I was totally obsessed with this stuff since I was young.

he put some on my plate and poured a purple-ish liquid into the wine glass making me cringe I don't drink wine I am only 17!

"Aiden I don't drink wine" I said 

Aiden looked at me like I just came from another world then laughed he full on laughed but even though I was confused on to why he laughed I couldn't help but laugh also. His laugh was just so addicting I think this was the first time I actually heard him laugh and I assure you once you hear it, it urges you to laugh along with it.

"it is not wine Julia I wouldn't give you such a thing you are to frail to handle it anyways its just sparkling juice' Aiden said a smile on his flawless face.

My face heated up as I nodded picking up my fork as Aiden pressed play on a boombox beside us the familiar tune filling my ears.

*play youtube video now*

"so Julia I know this will sound cheesy but tell me about yourself and before you say what do you wanna know I will answer that" Aiden said looking at me eyes filled with an adoring look mixed with awe.

I gulped down the food in my mouth looking at him waiting for him to continue as he just kept staring at me not in a pedo kind of way more like I think I like you kind of way.

"I want to know everything" he breathed reaching over and brushing a loose strand out of my face making my cheeks burn once again.

"nerd ~nouninformal-a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.That's who I supposedly am. Julia Stecker at your services well not really I am no servant nor will I ever be I am just a small yet rare 'nerdy' werewolf. Let me explain myself and my story well I have long brown hair and brown matching eyes I'm frail and thin like a porcelain doll and very pale. I have soft pink lips that actually all together make me look like a real life porcelain doll." I said quoting my thoughts from a while ago before I met Aiden.

"Julia you are not a nerd" Aiden said looking at me seriously like he was giving a stern talking to a child.

I couldn't really think of things to say I was normally called a nerd by everyone and didn't really take notice in it, but this time I just couldn't describe the feeling I got when Aiden told me I was not a nerd.

"Julia' Aiden said but instead of sounding farther away he sounded close to me like he was beside me.

I turned and saw Aiden's outstretched hand by me he was smiling warmly down at me waiting for me to take a hold of his hand.

"may I have this dance kitten?"Aiden said smirking at the last part as he pulled my to my feet my hands sliding perfectly in his.

I hesitated as he brought me over a few feet from my seat and pulled me close I don't think I even had to answer I think he just knew that I would say yes cause he started to sway along to the song.

I leaned my head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around my waist swaying softly to the music. I felt calm like I did in the car this felt normal even though I had a lack of social and relationship skills.

I felt happy like this could actually work out the nerd and the popular my beta it felt nice to say that My Beta it felt right.

"Julia I know this might sound crazy but I think I am falling for you" Aiden said spinning me around a bit before catching me back in his arms.

I smiled up at him placing a small peck to his soft lips leaning back I whispered,

"I think I am too"


HEY thanks for so many reads last time I checked I had 600! I didn't think I would get this many but I hope you guys like this book so far I think its really coming together I should be updating soon!


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