I ignore my sisters screeching for me to hurry up and get out of the bathroom,but the thing is I cant I don't have my contacts meaning I have to get my glasses meaning I will look like more of a 'nerd' then I already am.

Maybe I could put my hair down in its natural waves to hide my face so people wont recognize me!! Yes I'll do that!

I reach up and pull the rubber binder from my hair and watch the hair tumble down past my shoulders to about mid back in there soft chocolate waves. I did a once over of myself and my usual outfit consisting of a baggy purple sweater and black leggings with my all famous black converse.

I ran out of the bathroom making my sister sigh in relief in rush into the bathroom without a 'good morning' which would of been the opposite of what I am having which is a BAD MORNING. I am going to get double the bullying tonight with my stupid thick rimmed glasses today, I could just hide in the library like last time.

I sighed pulling on my glasses and throwing my back pack over my shoulder dreading the long walk to school. I bypassed my dad who almost spilled his coffee said a quick 'love you' to my mum and stole some bacon off her plate and ruffled my younger brothers hair then ran out into the chilly October.

I walked down the street the leaves crunching beneath me as I nearly got ran over by a passing bus the kids laughing at my horrified expression. See what did I tell you bad morning!! I let out a heavy sigh as I worked up a jog ready for the day to be over already when it barely started.

I finally reached the school without getting killed,but I got near death experiences when a car decided it should go when it was my turn and when a stray dog bit me twice and practically chased me to school.

I ran a hand through my hair and pushed open the doors to the school expecting the taunting to begin,but it didn't and it didn't for a while actually. To be quite honest I did not hear anything,but soft gasps and breathing, the occasional shuffle,but that was it.

I looked up to see everyone pressed against there locker making room for whatever and looking down the hallway in awe. I made a confused face as I continued to stare at them suddenly hitting a wall I made an 'oomph' sound.

Before I could even hit the ground two arms were wrapped around my waist holding me up 'do walls have arms and why does it shoot electricity up my body and do they smell good cause hell this smelled like vanilla'

I decided to look up and immediately saw a pair of icy blue eyes staring right into my brown eyes giving him a frost bite look. I shifted awkwardly under his heated gaze and shuffled my feet my heart was beating out of control and my stomach in knots.

"Mate" a very sexy voice ringed into my ears I thought he was talking to someone behind me but when I looked up once again he was eyeballing me head to toe like I was being examined.

"M-me?" My voice broke out filling the silence as everyone gasped and disgusted looks were sent my way.

"Yes" that same voice sent shivers down my spine, but this had to be wrong how can someone as attractive as him be with me.

He was tall reaching 6ft3 I was short reaching 5ft5 he had nice jet black hair I had regular chocolate brown hair he had pretty icy blue eyes I had plain brown eyes. He screamed perfection I whimpered nobody this was not right I was being tricked.

"No no no no no this cant be your perfection I'm-I'm nobody you must be mistaken you must of meant someone else I'm not your girl sorry for the mix up better go find your mate cause I am sure as heck not" I rushed out stepping back to see his hurt and confused face.

Suddenly a flash of anger passed through his eyes and like a lightning bolt he grabbed onto me dragging me away from all the accusing disgusted glares and into an abandoned classroom. I was pressed up against a wall right when we entered with the god against me his hands on my waist.

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