After I was un willingly shoved into the car and driven around all over town to random wedding shops we stopped at one store where my mom found her wedding dress.

We all walked in my sister Honey, Penolope, and my mother. The scent of plastic and freshness hit our noses and pusehd our hair back. I smiled for the first time shopping today and grabbed onto Penolopes elbow pulling her in leaving a gushing mom, and Honey.

"Hey dude what do you think of this?" Penelope said behind me as we reached the half of rack I didn't want to waste Aidens money.

Yes Aidens money here is what happened before we left.

"Julia wait before you go heres this" Aiden said holding out a shiny card,

My eyes widened as he shoved the card in my hand. A credit card? I dont need this I have money i mean my mom has money...

"No" I said shoving the thing back in his hand about to turn around and walk out cause my mom was honking the car horn,

"Julia just take it" Aiden said shoving the thing in my back pocket.

"Aiden I said no!" Grabbing the card out of my bum pocket * you touchy feely Aiden* I threw it at his face once again trying to get out to my screaming histerically mother.

Aiden grabbed my arm spinning me around and pressed me against the wall,

"Take the card" he whispered his breathe fanning across my face mint hitting my nose I gulped a feirce red spreading across my cheeks,

When I was about to object Aidens lips crashed onto mine and his arms slid around my waist, my mind went fuzzy and my body went limp in his arms.

I was too caught up in the kiss that I didnt realize he slid his card into my back pocket once again until I was in the car.

That is what went down.

I turned towards Penelope seeing the ugliest dress in the history of history.

It was bright orane and had yellow streaks all across it with white ruffles at the bottom and a blue sequent breast part. To say the least it was just not for me heck who in the heck would wear this dress?!

Penelope burst out laughing making me join in as we clutched our stomachs while tears beaded our eyes.

"Girls these days making fun of true art" an old woman screeched waving her hands in the air as she talked to her dozing off husband.

I clasped my hand over Penelope's snorting mouth and mouthed a sorry to her red face,

Penelope put the dress back as we scooted away from the angry granny and found another rack full of wedding dresses.

This one said pre-owned normally I would have moved around it not liking the way it has been used before,but for some reason something drew me to it.

I scrolled the dresses picking a few out randomely not even looking and headed towards the dressing rooms where each girl was standing with a handful of dresses in there arms.

I smilled at all of them collecting the dresses as the cashier opened up the door and herded me in.

I tried my sister Honeys dresses first and lets just say the first two I was so done with her, they were all tight and showed to much

Next was Penelopes pile, and after the first four i was done with her also!

She gave me all multi colored dresses withh un matching lace and jewelery connected to it with ruffles and splits down the thigh to the floor. I think she needs jesus...

Nezt up was my moms dresses. Mom had a few cute dresses like the one that had lace on the top from neck down to the top breast. Then the rest was silk and the fron ended to my knees and the back back down to my ankles.

And the other one that was a light blue that was tight on the top until my hips and fluffed down to my knees in ruffles with dark blue swirls and a dark blue ribbon tied around my waist.

But sadly they were too tight and sadly these were one of a kind dresses that is where the name of the store "one of a kind" came from.

I sighed heavily reaching the last pile which was my pile and pulled out the first dress.

It was all white with tiny white flowers running along my hip and ipunder the breast, the top was tight but flowed down under the hip and flowed out with the back longer than the other.

This was the one.

I could feel it.

I looked in the mirror aftsr it was all fitted to my body and checked it out. It was perfect ,but there was only one flaw I saw in the mirror.

What happened to my stomach?

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