I was all prepared it was 5:30 and my mom made me all girly-fied if that was possible for me but somehow it is cause I actually looked like I was coming out of a photo shoot not to brag or anything.

I had dark eye shadow mostly consisting of a midnight blue and dark shimmery grey with winged eyeliner and mascara making my eyelashes look like I just grew them.

I touched the mirror trying to make sense of all this how could I Julia Stecker look so much like I am looking  in a fashion magazine. but all I got was glass no shiny paper of the magazine just the cool glass of the reflective surface I was looking into.

I turned around catching my mom looking at me globs of shimmering tears piling up in her eyes and sliding down her cheeks. she smiled grabbing me in a tight hug for a while soon enough she let me go wiping the stray tears from her eyes.

"you look so gorgeous sweetie I just cant believe my little girl grew up so fast it seems like just yesterday you were tripping over your shoe laces and needed to be kissed on your owies" she spoke softly choking a little on her words as more fat tears glided down her face.

"mom please don't do this to me your going to smudge my makeup" I said turning back around and grabbing a Kleenex  dabbing under my eyes as the tears released themselves like falling crystals.

"im sorry honey I am going to go get my camera you fix up and meet me down stairs" she said running out of the room so I don't have to hear her sobs,

I sniffled dabbing one last time at my eyes looking at myself one last time in the mirror, I pushed down my hair which was going out of its messy bun. loose curls of my hair framed my face looking like it was meant to be there. 

I smiled and walked out of the bathroom following the sobs to the living room were I see Aiden and my family gathered at the end of the steps.

my little brother Jeremiah my sister Ashlyn my mom Abby and my dad John was all there talking sternly to Aiden. I looked at him not like the normal off gazing more like a real look like I was trying to read another language or small text.

his black hair that usually hung messily in his face was slicked back by gel that I could smell from here and it smelt like a cardboard box and mints. he had a whit button up on with a black ti hung loosely on his neck. along with that he had dark jeans on,somehow he looked casual yet ready to go to a ball.

I could never pull that off I either looked like a total bum off the streets or like today looking like I popped out of a photo shoot. 

I walked down the steps expecting it to be flawless but instead tripped over my own feet and started hurling towards the crowd. it was a while and didn't really feel the floor which was odd I should of hit it by now.

I looked up to see a familiar pair of icy blue eyes I blushed scarlet red and scrambled to my feet trying to cover up my clumsy move. 

"well hello there Julia" Aidens cool voice cut through the air,

"hi" I squeaked out sounding like a dying rat

"well after you guys are done eye raping here I g-" my father was cut off by me

"DAD!! we aren't eye raping" I mumbled the last part although we were staring at each other for quite a time.

"yeah yeah whatever anyways I want her back by 10:00 any minute later and I will chop your balls off got it also no funny business I don't want a new set of feet in my house" my dad said pointing an accusing finger at Aiden I gasped my face turning bright red.

"dad" I screeched my younger siblings laughing their butts of like this was funny which they shouldn't this will be happening to them soon too.

"picture time" my mom cut in making me sigh in relief why do I ever even leave my room?

"smile" my mom said in a bubbly voice I smiled feeling Aiden wrap his arm around my waist in-tangling our hands in the front my back pressed up against his like we were taking a prom picture.

"okay one more this time just hold hands or kiss her cheek" my mom said hiding her face behind the camera ready for another shot,

Aiden pressed his soft lips to my cheek as I smiled widely the electricity that was buzzing before now acting like there was a parade in my body. my mom smiled snapping the picture happily then shooing us out the door.

"go go I want you guys to have fun but not to much come back at 10:00 okay bye love you sweetie" before I could get another word out she slammed the door in my face.

"well okay then lets get going I guess" Aiden said grabbing on my arm gently and leading me to his car.

like a gentlemen he opened the door and softly shut it once I was all in then hopped his way over to the other side and got in.

"where too?" I said as he pulled out of the drive way,

the lights where all on blinding my vision with their fluorescent light so I couldn't really see the smirk playing on his lips well or the suspicious glint in his icy blue eyes.

"you'll see" and with that he zoomed down the road.

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