My mother sobbed as she combed back my hair in a tight bun leaving some strands to fall in a curl that framed my face.

She put on some grey shimmery eyeshadow that made my brown eyes get slightly brighter, she also put mascara on to make my lashes longer. The final thing she did was put light pink blush and pink gloss over my lips.

Now here was the best part.

My dress.

I think I already explained it before, but it would probably be nice if I explained it again.

It was a silky white dress that fit snugly around me ahowing off my 'goods' as Penelope likes to put it. It had tiny white-ish blue flowers that went from undery my breat and trailed down to my hip in a wrap sort of way.

The top was tighter then the rest as when it reached under the hip it flowed out more with the back longer than the front. I matched it up with white rounded heels that were two inches high and had the same flowers on the tip of it.

"Julia" my mother choked out turning me around to see her mascara streaked face.

"Yeah" i whispered out not yet trusting my voice,

"You look beautiful" she said after a short pause of her scanning my face,

I smiled mostly because that comment made me happy and also because I couldnt get my mouth to form any more words as tears threatened to spill.

"Its time" a deep voice spoke behind me as I turned around to see my dad dresses up in a regular black tux.

My mom was wearing a midnight blue dress that went down to her ankles and had a shimmery white silk covering over it. She had her hair in her natural state and she had light makeup on with white strapped heals.

I wrapped my arm around my dads arm as my mom scurried to get into place muttering how she is late and how her makeup is ruined.

My dad chuckled as he pulled me close to him his old spice cologne seeping into my nose as I snuggled closer liking the familiar arouma.

"Your growing up" my dad said tears pooling into his eyes glimmering under the bright light.

We were slowly stepping outside of the door when the music started to play lightly filling up the room as the tradition. Everyone stood up and smiled widely as we slowly made are way down with gleaming tears in some eyes.

"I know daddy" I whispered to him more tears filling up my eyes as I dabbed hem with the silk hankercheif my mother handed to me.

"But just so you know if Aiden ever hurts you I will personally hunt him down" my dad growled out clenched my arm tighter making me laugh.

"He wouldnt do that daddy you know that" I said softly as we neared the alter were Aiden was standing there awe struck.

He was wearing a white tux with a light blue tye my mother told him to wear it since it will match the colors I am wearing. His hair was combed back instead of it flopping in his eyes like usual and it seemed that his eyes were brighter today also.

"I know, but I got to protect my little girl" he said choking a little on hi words,

"Im not a little girl anymore dad" I huffed, he chuckled lightly as we were so close to the alter Aiden a few feet away.

"You will always be my little girl" he said as he kissed my cheek and walked to his spot and smiled at me as I mouth a thanks.

I turned around meeting Aidens outstretched hand and took it within my hand smiling at hims as I stepped up the last steps almost falling down the stairs.

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