everything and one stopped all of a sudden after the music was over everything just seemed to stop in time. I looked around catching everyone pulling out a camera or phone magically out of nowhere it seemed and pointing it towards the front stage where the dj was standing motionless.

they all clicked record and waited it seemed like they were waiting for something to happen,but it nothing did happen.

un til 5 minutes later Aiden walked on stage and grabbed the microphone off of the stand and held it up to his face. I turned around half expecting another Aiden just to be standing right behind me like he just was moments ago,but he wasnt there.

I looked back up to the stage to notice Aiden's eyes were on me a big smile on his face. was this the surprise he was talkig about? it didnt seem much of a surprise more of a lets just go on stage and smile creepily at my girlfriend!

yes me and Aiden have been dating for a few months ever since the date back in october we have been dating since then up to where we are now and that is June. we only known eachother for 9 months but it seemed like we known each other for so much longer cheesy as it sounds its true.

"Julia can you come to the stage please my love?" Aiden spoke into the mic making the speakers let out a horrible screech.

the crowed cooed and awed for some reason, was it cause he called me love? or was it cause he is calling me to the stage? I dont know my mind is jumbled up with thoughts about what he might do to me.

like not a while ago around my birthday in feburary he decided to announce it to the world and put flyers up and sing to me on stage in front of the pep rally. I have never been so embaressed in my life I hat public attention,but come to think of it I loved it! it was sweet and kind it was the best birthday I had.

I slowly walked my way through the crowd of people whp faced their cameras towards me as I finally got released from the crowd and was now walking up to the stage.

Aiden was there standing his arm extended waiting for me to grasp onto it and pull myself on stage, the biggest grin was set on his features and his eyes were shining bright.

I grabbed his hands the shocks flowing within me and pulled my self on stage Aiden casually wrapping an arm around me.

"this is my girlfriend Julia"he announced to the crowed making the awes come back as they held their cameras up higher to see.

"you see I havent known her for a while but as cheesy as this sounds it feels like I known her for a long time and would still like to get to know her" Aiden said again flashing his eyes directly at me as he released my hold and stood infron of me.

the crowd was smiling widely as I looked out into I spotted Penelope and Ryan smiling even wider than everyone else, but what struck me odd was my whole family was in the crowd bu they were closer to the staged than everyone else.

they caught my eye and waved violently tears flooding down my parents face as they all held cameras. what I was still not understanding is why were they holding cameras was this something important?

I felt Aiden grasp my hand,but I still was looking at my parents trying to see if they could give me a hint. My mother rolled her eyes and jerked her head to the side meaning I should look back at Aiden than stop being a doofus and looking into the crowd.

I blushed and turned my gaze away from my sniffling family to my mate Aiden.

what I saw was actually topping off my dancing cinderella moment..

Aiden was standing there on one knee clasping onto my hand and a velvet dark blue box in his other hand. My eyes widened at the scene was this really happening or was it an illusion?

tears flooded my vision as I held my hand over my mouth trying to cover the sobs that broke free from my throat. Aiden was still kneeling there shimmering tears edging his eyes and a smile on his face like usual.

"Julia Stecker" he said staring right at me as gasps and shouts of glee tore through the silent gymnasium.

I nodded urging him to go on even though I knew what he was going to say,but how would I really know? it was just a big guess to me but it was all clear what was going on in this gymnasium here.

"will you marry me?" the question right there made my heart stop for a moment,

I knew he was going to say this but at the same time I didnt know it was like predicting the future,but still having some faults in it. I couldnt believe this was happening to me before I met Aiden I would of never guessed this was going to happen even when I was with him I still found it hard to belive.

Aidens worried face looked up at me questioning why I wasnt speaking and for the moment I was questioning too. why was I thinking to much I should just say yes and get it over with,but the words wouldnt form in my mouth.

everyone in the room was holding their breath waiting for me to give some kind of answer to Aiden who was just kneeling there still all hope of my answer gone off his face.

he stood up letting go of my hand ready to walk of the stage before I spoke,

"yes" I whispered Aiden turned around shocked like he thought I wasnt going to say yes the dumb head.

"what?"he said confusion written all over his face,

"I said yes Aiden" I said shakilly as I walked up to him tears rolling freely down my cheeks as I smiled up at him.

"I will marry you Aiden" I said

Aiden's face broke from the confusion state and he wrapped his arms around me twirling me around like in the movies. carefully setting me down on the ground he planted a short sweet loving kiss to my lips and looked back.

"did you get that?" he asked looking into the crowd I turned following his vision as I saw my parents holding a thumbs up at Aiden I laughed clinging onto Aidens neck.

"this my love is for you Julia Kowley" Aiden said pulling out the velvet blue box that I saw earlier.

he opened it up and I gasped the ring was beautiful it was my favorite color.

the ring band inside the box was silver clearly showing the heart shaped blue diamond in the middle of it. two smaller white diamonds sat beside the blue one in the middle making it all together look absolutely perfect.

Aiden slid the ring on my left hand and smiled pulling me closer to him like he thought I was going to float away.

"I love you' he said to me looking down on me like I was his best possesion in the world I smiled the tears still flooding as he carefully wiped them away.

"I love you too" I said pulling him down so our lips could meet.



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