"mate steal-er? excuse me?" I replied back politely and kind of confused since when did I steal someones mate?

"you heard me nerd you stole my mate Aiden ring a bell yeah hes mine!" she hissed out her blazing eyes directed right on me making me shrink back from her intense gaze.

"I cant steal something that is not rightfully yours" I stated wondering why I even spoke I should just walk away yeah that's what I will do!

I turned and started a slight jog to the cafeteria ready to leave her awful glares and insults,but I did not go far before I was tugged backward and thrown into doors. recognizing my surroundings I was in the girls bathroom.

"lets teach you to not steal my things and to bite your tongue next time" Veronica sneered gripping a fist-full of my hair in her manicured hands.

she pushed me backward making me fall and my elbow came crashing down on the tile floor making an awful cracking noise echo through out the bathroom.

I looked up one of her minions was locking the door and smiling at me evilly as she made a little cutting throat action with her finger to her neck.

Vanessa looked down at me and begun to speak again,

"that was for being a nerd!" she said venom-ly as she raised her fist and connected it with my jaw making my head snap to the side, and an awful pain erupt through my head,

I wanted to scream so bad and just contact Aiden,but there was no way you had to be mated to mind link your mate. I couldn't scream it was like she ripped out my vocal chords for me not to cry for help.

I was helpless like always whenever Veronica tormented me like this always sitting here waiting it to end.

"that was for not biting your tongue!!" she screamed out stepping onto my leg with her 3 inch heels digging into my flesh as I heard another sickening sound erupt inside the walls.

I tried to get up and move which was a bad idea, I stumbled grabbing onto the wall for support before I fell.

"that was for actually talking to me!" she spat at me punching me right in the gut making a weird cough/gasp come out of my mouth as I tumbled once again to the floor clutching my slowly healing wounds.

"and lastly this is for taking whats MINE!"she screeched slamming my head against the tile floor making a crack come from behind my head surely that will be a pain in the butt.

"come on lets go Im done with her" I heard Veronica speak as she nodded her head over to me sending me her evilest glare as her clique evacuated.

I couldnt help, but think if Aiden could feel all of this? After all usually when my mom pricked her finger from cooking my dad would let out a small ow.

I gripped onto one of the sinks trying to regain my balance my body bruised up, and not healing as fast as it was supposed to. it was cause of the hits, they came all at once practically almost making my wounds heal as a human but 2x faster.

I looked up as I regained my balance and looked in the mirror the sight in front of me was horrid! my head had a bump in the back that can be easily covered by my hair though,my jaw had a purplish blue bruise right on the side noticeable to everyone and thing.

my elbow looked dis formed as the bone was popping out of place,my leg was swelled up and slightly bruised probably the same as the elbow, but with a big gash on it, and lastly my stomach had a big old purple bruise smack dab right in the middle of my stomach.

I sighed wondering how I am going to tell anyone how this happened I could say I fell down the lunch stairs. but one thing is for sure I can not tell Aiden.

I just hope to god he doesnt feel it one because then he would get hurt and two cause then he would know.


I was sitting down at my usual spot next to my Alpha, Jeffry and his mate Matt yes he was gay,but I don't judge they are perfect together who cares? the only thing running through my mind was Julia god she was so perfect I am so thankful I have her she may not notice it ,but she is just to damn perfect.

the way her soft brown hair fell down to mid back in waves and how her chocolate brown eyes reminded me of my sugar crazy days just couldm't stop looking into them. her pale complexion and petite form made her seem like a porcelain doll, the perfect soft pink lips added more to the doll look.

by the way where was Julia its been 10 minutes she said she just needed to use the girls room I wonder where she is. before I could even do anything else pain erupted in my elbow like it was becoming disassembled not even 30 seconds later pain shot through my jaw.

something was happening to Julia I can feel her pain I quickly shot up making Alpha Jeffry look at me questionably before I practically collapsed when a sharp pain shot up my leg.

"Aiden are you okay?" Alpha Jeffry asked me as he helped me stand as the pain subsided and I stood up once again looking the Alpha in the eye.

"pardon me something is happening to Julia I got to go c-" before another word could tumble out of my mouth a gust of wind just hit me i the gut making a gasp escape my mouth.

"Aiden AIden are you alright?!"Alpha Jeffry spoke checking my body for any wounds,

"yeah I'm fine ju-" once again pain hit me right in the head this time and I gripped it groaning out curse words as I speed walked out of the cafeteria sending the Alpha an apologizing glance.

Whos hurting her? I dont get it she seemed fine when I was with her except for the fact that people glare at her I thought I took care of that by glaring back?

No on messes with my mate, but I know someone did and only one thig was on my mind right now,

I got to find out what is wrong with Julia.


hey guys so what did you think short I know but the next one will be in AIDEN'S POV ALL OF IT WILL BE so the whole chapter will be in his pov. anyways sorry for the sudden updates and short chapters I will try to keep them longer later on but please vote comment what you think give me ideas I hope you like this book I love you all sooooo much byesies

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