I sped out of my classroom bypassing my mate on the way ignoring his pissed off comments towards me. I just wanted to leave and go home right now to just relax in a bath or finish up homework do something to get HIM off my mind.

I rush out of the doors,but not quick enough because familiar arms wrap around my waist and dragged me against a chest. I knew who it was from the familiar scent of vanilla drifting into my nose and the sparks flowing throughout my body.

"Where are you going kitten" his voice making a blush run onto my cheeks and shivers down my spine. How come he always has this affect on me!?!

'Maybe because he is our mate!' My wolf spoke finally talking to me for once I rolled my eyes internally as I felt Aiden's hot breathe down my neck as I turned a darker shade of red.

"H-home" I managed to choke out as he kissed my neck,

"Oh no no no that will not do you're coming with me did you think I was kidding about your punishment?" Aiden suddenly voiced out turning me around staring at me sternly.

I gulped shaking my head no as I turned into a tomato of all the blushing that was going on right now. He smirked knowing the affect he had on me and gripped my waist in a firm grip and dragged me away from my normal route to home.

My mom was sure going to give me an ear full about this one.


"And here we are" Aiden said as we pulled up to what seems to be a mansion, it was a deep red color with a golden edge. The doors were painted white and were very huge with the same golden outline.

He gripped onto my hand making my stomach churn with excitement and shocks once again shoot up my arm. He walked or should I say dragged since he walks fast, me up to the mansion while I gawked at the amazing wood carvings on it.

Aiden suddenly stops making me ram into him almost falling in the process good thing he was holding my hand I would've face planted. He let out the most sexiest chuckle ever known to my ears as I blushed again Jesus whats up with my blushing.

"Ready?" His voice broke my blushing thought as I stiffly nodded not knowing what to expect behind these white doors. He smiled pushing open the door and my mouth literally fell down to the ground.

I have never seen something so magnificent the walls were a coffee color with engravings of the woods and lakes it looked like a foreign map on the walls. The ceiling was a white color with little plastic glow in the dark stars with carvings of gold stars also.

There was a staircase to the right side that lead up to a maroon colored hallway with multiple doors on each side. Before me was a larger hallway that was the same coffee color on the left side was a white door and on the left was a huge mirror with a small table in front with red roses in a vase on top of it.

"Close your mouth you might catch flies" the sexy smooth voice said beside my ear as teeth nibbled on my ear lobe making a gasp form in my throat replaced with a soft moan.

"If I knew that's the sound you would make I would of made you do it earlier" Aiden growled out his eyes turning from the frost bite blue to a navy blue. He pressed me up against the door a blush AGAIN reaching all over my cheeks.

He pressed his face into my neck kissing lightly making gasps escape my parted lips he went lower down to were my 'mark' was supposed to be placed. He sucked on it and kissed it tenderly as a loud moan came from my mouth making Aiden smile in satisfaction.

He sucked harder on my neck making a mark for sure and all of a sudden something snapped inside of me and I untangled myself from his death grip. I ran over to the mirror and looked down at the right side of my neck,and as I predicted there was a huge purplish red mark in plain sight.

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