I was sitting on the couch still wrapped up in a towel with Aiden eyeing me up ready to fudging rip my towel off and bang me right infront of my ranting red faced mother and my i dont give a fudge dad.

This is delightful.

"That is why you should not have sex cause you could die!" My mother screeched pulling at her hair.

"Ok honey why dont we unload the car and let Julia change cause I really dont like the look Aiden is giving her" my dad said pulling mom in his arms as he narrowed his eyes at a red faced Aiden who had a problem in his jeans.

"Fine,but dont think I wont give you hell for this Julia" my mom said narrowing her eyes at me, I gulped tightening the towel around me.

The door slammed making me let out a heavy breath I didnt realize I kept in, Aiden wrapped his hand around mine and led me up the stairs.

Once the door was shut I pulled off my towel grabbing my clothes and carefully slipping them on,

"Usually the woman take their clothes off when I am in the room" Aiden spoke smirking at me as I threw a pillow at his face.

" I would do it..." I said softly walking up to him and trailing my finger down his chest biting my lip, is this how you be seductive? Or am I doing it all wrong?

"But just not for free" I whispered looking up at him under my lashes as I softly kissed his lips pulling back quickly.

His face was in a daze his mouth hung open a jar and his eyes looking at me widely as if I just tore off my clothes.

Wait isnt that how this started?

I giggled and walked out of my room leaving a very confused Aiden bwhind as i was greeted by my little brother and sister.

(A/N: I dont know if I said there names before so I will make them now tell me if I did)

Honey my sister was actually smiling at me which I found odd cause she always hated me, and my brother Caiden smiling also.

"Ok they are smiling at me what is wrong?" I asked confusingly.

"We are going shopping!" Said a voice behind both of them I looked over there heads spotting Penelope.

Her red hair was pulled up in a messy bun and she wore white shorts with a red plaid t-shirt tucked into it.



"What shopping for what?!" I screeched,

"Your wedding you silly!" My mother spoke behind a smiling Penelope,

Oh god no...
(A/N: sorry it is short updating soon)

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