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The Nerd's Revenge (Comeback) by ArtisticallyWeird
The Nerd's Revenge (Comeback)by Feliz
Isang hamak na nerd lamang si Scarlet Lee. Tanging libro at pag aaral lang ang nasa isip niya. Ngunit dahil sa isang tao ay hindi niya namalayang unti unting nagbabago a...
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Rejected Then Revived by queenyaz
Rejected Then Revivedby queenyaz
Sapphire was loved and cared for by her family, until the day of their soon to be Alpha's sixteenth birthday. Sapphire turned out to be his mate, but being the fat and u...
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The Babysitter (Zayn Malik Fanfiction) by imZineb
The Babysitter (Zayn Malik Zineb
Sam can't support her rebellious twin brothers who spend their time screaming , fighting with ketchup and playing Hide and seek in the kitchen. . They form a rich lonel...
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the girl who can't cry (creepypasta fanfic) by killedfromtheinside
the girl who can't cry ( killedfromtheinside
Winter Fall is no normal girl she's a killer, her mother died when she was 3 ever since then she had been a cold blooded killer. Her mother was murder by her father. ___...
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Louis' Sister (Niall Horan Fanfic) by bianca_garcia78
Louis' Sister (Niall Horan Fanfic)by Bianca Garcia
I came to London to spend my summer with my older brother Louis. But didn't mean to fall in love with someone I hate. Niall Horan.
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Abby is an abused girl who deals with depression. one day she runs away. falling unconscious into Niall Horan's hands what will happen? will they help her? or hurt her? ...
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SnarkyYaoiLover's Fandom Trashcan by SnarkyYaoiLover
SnarkyYaoiLover's Fandom Trashcanby Baronnes of Bara
(Formerly SnarkyGamerPie's Book of Ships) Ships, shitposting, fandom TRAYSH, one-shots. This book has all of my fandom shit. Enjoy. (also warning my ships are gay as fuc...
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My mate marked another by Stylelove333
My mate marked anotherby Stylelove333
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Our Burning Love-A Clato Love/Survival Story <3 by Summer___Rain
Our Burning Love-A Clato Love/ Summer___Rain
Poverty, her mothers hate and being friendless doesn't stop her. He is to arrogant and rich for his own good. Love saves them. "One can come out not two Cato!!!&quo...
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My Army Girl (One Direction) by iastroashton
My Army Girl (One Direction)by iastroashton
Description in first chapter(:
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Taco Hemingway stuff by kluska123123
Taco Hemingway stuffby yurianna
Co tu dużo mówić. Książka poświęcona naszemu kochanemu raperowi. Tutaj znajdziecie najbardzie inspirujące (przyjamniej jak dla mnie) cytaty z piosenek Filipa, jego piękn...
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OverRated (Brandon Ingram Love Story) by ybnGangg
OverRated (Brandon Ingram Love ybnGangg
Why Is Love So Complicated Explain To Me Why We Cant Last 😳
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Cold. (Creepypasta X Male!Reader) by ZalgoidWriter
Cold. (Creepypasta X Male!Reader)by Jackson
Y/N wakes up to a brand new world, but no one knows he's there.
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Larry Proof by kalynnhoran
Larry Proofby Kalynn
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Cosplaying can get a little...Crazy (Reader x Creepypasta) by 1animelover2
Cosplaying can get a Aglowgecko35621
(Y/n) always enjoyed the art of cosplaying so one day (Y/n) got the idea to cosplay as hoodie which is one of the many Creepypastas and prank anyone that goes into the w...
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Life With One Direction by jazzy125
Life With One Directionby Jazzy-J
Sarah Wall has been living alone with her baby sister for about a month now. Her parents divorced and her mom found no orphanage to put them in so she put them in an aba...
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Creepypasta/Horror stories by thewrittengypsy
Creepypasta/Horror storiesby Alien girl
I'm going to make these little shorts as gory and gruesome as possible. There will be sex/rape/other morbid scenes, so if you don't like that you can skip the chapter. (...
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Deep, Dark, Dangerous (Zayn Malik Fan fiction) by HarrysBatman
Deep, Dark, Dangerous (Zayn Daddy
Samantha is a Gorgeous girl, Living in Londen England as a high School Girl, but she lives in the most dangerous part of London, England. The most feared man to walk t...
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Nopebucks by TheGraphicFoop
Nopebucksby Graphy
a story I published years ago on archive of our own now brought to you here cause I finally remembered my password. anyway I wanna die enough as it is so kinkshame me al...
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Meeting people that I never thought I'd meet. by TerraLignum
Meeting people that I never Hola Amigos/Hi Fam
HOI! It's me! Terra the Crap Writer, here to write a fanfic about Hennie. Please read.
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