I was grounded,but good thing my mom forgot about my phone so now time for Netflix and also crackers.

I just needed some peanut butter with the crackers maybe I should get up....


I reached over to change to the next episode when my phone let out a bing indicating that I got a message. I looked downward and frowned as it said unknown message,

*hey there kitten* I rolled my eyes knowing who it was on the other side sending me this message I decided to mess with him,

*who is this texting my girlfriend?* I stifled a laugh as I clicked send practically seeing his face all angered and bloated with his perfect eyes turning that beautiful royal blue and his jaw clenched wi-

I was cut short when my phone made that same bing noise indicating a text message from Aiden,

*boyfriend so help me god this better be a joke?!?!* I could hear his angry voice in my head and it made a shiver run down my spine.

*why would I joke about my kitten?!?!* I texted back I knew this is so going to get on his nerves so much I could just see the anger in my head.

I wonder if Aiden is a really jealous type like some of the people I see have really jealous mates who wont even let them talk to other guys. I hope not, not that I have a guy friend or any friends at all for that matter its just I would just not much enjoy a mate like that.

All though it would be cute if he got jealous like in a pouty kid way. Anyways back to netflix and crackers.

I flicked back on my Netflix after 4 minutes of waiting for him to text me back and decided he probably was to angry at me to even text back. Oh well more alone time for me and my supernatural show hehehehe.

I was interrupted by an annoying tapping on the window to hear what Dean was saying to the reaper at the moment. I got aggravated after a while and turned around to look at the window to see Aiden staring right back at me with an angry expression.

I gulped down a lump that formed in my throat and slowly etched towards the window opening it up for him to enter. He burst through it with his jaw clenched and his eyes shifting to that beautiful royal blue.

"Where is he!!" He growled out making my room slightly shake I gulped backing up to the corner my eyes wide. He glared at me deathly and stalked towards me as he came closer I shrunk more and more towards the floor.

If he screams any louder my parents will hear him, or I might just fudging piss my pants... Maybe both.

"H-hes n-not real!" I squeaked out shutting my eyes tightly as I readied myself for him to yell,but instead I felt his head lean against mine.

"Kitten" he said softly making me open my eyes slowly to look into his frost bite ones as they stared at me tenderly. I let out a mmmmhhmm sound as he cupped my cheeks and leaned in closer just like before.

My breathing slightly quickened this will be my first kiss ever and I was ready for it so ready to give my first kiss willingly to my mate. We were so clo-

"Honey its time for bed!" My father's voice rang out behind the door making us once again break apart from our kiss.

I leaned back against my wall thinking through of what just happened as Aiden chuckled and was turning away to leave. Right before he could take another step I grabbed onto his arm and turned him around to face me.

I leaned up on my tip toes just barely reaching and kissed his cheek softly then set myself back down and smiled. His hand raised to his cheek as he cupped it softly and smiled dazzlingly at me before quickly jumping out of the window with ease.

"Goodnight kitten" I heard him whisper yelled as I snuggled myself back into my sheets ready for sleep to take over.


"JULIA GET UP" someone screamed in my ear making me jolt up to see my little brother giggling by the door way. I groaned as I threw one of my pillows at him making a very high pitched squeal come out of his mouth as he ran to got tell on me or whatever the brat does.

I got up and decide to head in the shower before my sister gets up, I dragged a hand down my face as I ran inside the bathroom right when my sister got up. she let out a frustrated growl after a string of curse words before I heard the padding's of her feet leaving downstairs.

She is not old enough to swear that girl I swear heck Im only 17 and I still dont swear not to my mom not to anyone!

I took a quick shower making the place smell like strawberries and vanilla scent which was all my products of bathing. I then blow dried my hair realizing I only had 25 minutes left until I had to get to school I hope I have contacts!

my hair fell in my face multiple times as I tried to pick out an outfit for today I wanted to look somewhat decent seeming that my mate will be there. I just hope Veronica and her clique don't find out she would surely target me,

I pulled out a white tank top pulling on a purple sweater pink the brand was written across it in black letters. I pulled out my black skinny jeans and put them on putting on the same old black converse I wore everyday.

I grabbed my bag pulling on my dorky glasses seeming my mother never bought me new contacts and headed out my room ready for the long walk to school. I was about to pull open the door when my mother called me in to the kitchen.

"what do you want mother I have to go o-" I walked fully into the kitchen and that's when I saw him Aiden was sitting by my father and mother smiling up at me when our eyes met.

"oh don't be rude you never told us you had a mate sweet Aiden here is going to drive you to school today so hurry along you two no funny business!" my mother said as I walked out the door me blushing fiercely and Aiden chuckling as we pulled up to a death trap.

"oh no no no no no I am not riding on that death trap!" I shrieked backing up from it like it had a disease.

"yes you are or you are going to be late you wouldn't want that would you kitten?" Aiden teased out as he had a smirk plastered on his face.

why is it the so called bad guys have motorcycles and they make there good girl girlfriends ride them?!?! its like I am in a fairy tale like no.

I huffed as he pulled a helmet on my head and strapped it in securely so it wouldn't fall off as he pulled me on the death machine.

"Hold on tight kitten" was all Aiden said as we backed out of my driveway and zoomed down the road my hair whipping my face.

I am going to die aren't I?


hey guys sorry for the late update my Ipad broke and I just got my hands on a laptop I am soooo sorry for the small and sucky chapter it really is bad if I have time later I will fix it well I will update another chapter maybe sometime during the weekend so hope for that other than I love you so so so very much vvote comment ideas and what you think this is claurissa im out!! :)

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