There was a buzzing sound that I could not get out of my head it was going off every 30 seconds and it was driving me nuts. So finally I decided to get up and out of my wonderful sleep that I was in and look around to try and find the source.

It was my phone...

I clicked the green button not bothering to read who it was cause they should have a pretty good damn reason to wake me up on weekend. Oh gosh I swore gosh darn it you see what the lack of sleep does to me!!

"WHAT THE HE-ck do you think your doing waking me up on a WEEKEND?!?!" I screamed into the phone,

"well hello to you too kitten" the almost smirking voice said on the other end,

I sighed of course it is Aiden!

"what do you want Aiden it is freaking.." I looked over at the clock stopping mid sentence realizing it was 8 in the morning REALLY?!

"it is 8 in the morning what do you want peasant?" I said huffing out a breath,

" well I wanted to do something special for you today if you will allow me too?" Aiden said his voice suddenly trembling like he was going to talk in front of the class.

"well what is it?" I said pulling on my glasses and sliding out of bed my feet hitting the plushy white carpet I adored so much. 

"open your window" was all he said before he hung up I put the phone down frowning a little with a confused face covering my features.

I walked over to my window pulling it open to see a grinning Aiden right next to it I let out a samll scream before he clamped my mouth with his hand and hurled himself into my window.

"hey babe"Aiden said leaning down and grabbed my hips with his hands and pulling me close before I could let out a reply of a hello he already captured my lips.

I stood on my tippy toes pulling at his shirt wanting to be close already wanting his warmth to wrap me up in a blanket. After a few moments of us just getting lost in the passionate kisses we share he finally untangled himself from me.

"although I would love to stay and make out forever" Aiden said with a smirk making my cheeks burn with embarrassment,

"I only came for a moment so I could tell you to be ready by 6 tonight" he said scooting his way back to the window I gave him a questioning look coming closer to him wanting his warmth once more.

"what do you mean be ready?"I said he smiled goof-ily down on me and cupped my face with his hands,

"for a date wear something fancy but not to fancy"he said kissing me once again a sweet and loving kiss, I was going to pull him closer but he threw himself out the window landing swiftly on his feet.

he sent a a hand flapping towards me in a wave kind of way as he ran back towards his house leaving me staring after him in a complete daze.

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