I woke up just how I thought I would,

I was being held tightly by Aiden and I wasnt completely naked I had my under garments on, we were wrapped in sheets our hands interlaced together. I felt like I was in a movie these past few days just felt like I was in my own special wonderland.

I struggled to get out of Aidens tight grip making him shift and hold me tighter nuzzling my neck, I shivered almost forgetting that I had to get up when I really didnt want to. I looked over at the clock and checked the time the red digital lines showed me it was 9:15 in the morning.

My family should be home soon I found out from an un-suspected text that everyone was all together at a hotel now of course always leaving me out of family outings,but I didnt mind I had Aiden.

I stretched the best I could trying to get out of aidens suffocating death grip,

"Stop moving kitten Im tired" Aiden mumbled kissing my neck softly I smiled shifting around to face him,

"Aiden" I whispered kissing the top of his head, he smiled but then mumbled something and still had his eyes closed.

"Sweetie" I mumbled out kissing the top of his nose, am I doing this right? Is this how you wake up a loved one?

Still no answer from him I huffed softly in annoyance checking the clock it read 9:23 they should be home in 30 min.

"Babe" I said pressing my lips onto Aidens, I think it worked this time cause i could feel him kiss back,

Our lips molded together moving in perfect sync as I dug my hands into Aidens soft hair tugging slightly on it making him let out a low growl. He bit down softly on my lip making a soft moan escpae my lips only adding onto Aidens growling and moans.

Before things could get far...again, I pulled back making Aiden pout at me and try to pull me back in.

"No Aiden my parents will be home around ten now let me go I need to shower" I spoked finally pushing on his bare might I say yummy chest lightly.

He huffed releasing me un willignly and placed a kiss on my cheek, I blushed making my way over to my dresser pulling random things out and headed towards the bathroom.

I took a quick shower and washed up my vanilla hair products and honey body wash filling the air,which I might say smelt delicious. 

I jumped out of the shower wrapping a towel tightly around my body, stepping outside of the bathroom I headed back towards my bedroom.

I opened the door looking around for my clothing, I thought it was here..

I was about to step out of the bedroom ,but the door shut and I was slammed into the wall my legs wrapped around someones wait.

'you smell good" Aidens voice filled my ears as he ran his hands up my thighs,

"Aiden stop it I have to change" I said trying to sound like I meant it but really I sounded like I didnt want him too.

he smirked leaning in closer to me making my breathe catch in my throat he always did this to me no matter what.

he leaned in cloer and closer our lips brushing together as his hands rested on my bum, 

"Julia we are home and, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE?!" a voice rang out in the room making us freeze.

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