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I don't know how,but I made it out alive with that motorcycle death thingy it still bothers me I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes.

It was a terrible first motorcycle experience and may I tell you last experience I will never go on that thing again. My hair whipped my face harshly, my shirt flew up a few times, and lastly I almost fell off due to Aiden 'popping a wheelie' whatever that means.

well anyways it was half way through second hour and Aiden could not stop wiggling his gosh dang eyebrows at me the whole time we were in class. its gonna be like this with all my classes cause he purposely took my classes since we are mates and all.

Why was he wiggling his eyebrows you ask?

Well I will tell you.

When I was on the motorcycle my shirt flew up like I told you last time, and it was about the second time it did that when Aiden checked on me and saw under my shirt. Now I know I had a tank top on, but it was white and I was wearing a dark bra and cleavlage and oh my god.


I still don't get it, why would I the nerd weak werewolf which I say a lot right? get paired up with a jockey/bad ass dude? it makes no sense well it does a little bit its kinda like those books off of my favorite app wattpad were the bad guy falls in love with the good girl or some occasions the bad girl with the good boy.

well I guess it will remain a mystery to me until I meet the moon goddess herself if I do seeming that everything is wrong these days.

off topic it seems I'm always off topic you know anyways so far I haven't been tracked down by Veronica or her minions yet and I thank the moon goddess every minute for that. If she were to find out she would have my head on her picket fence by tomorrow.

the bell ran breaking me out of my horrid death by Veronica thoughts and bringing me back into the horrid reality of jail aka school. well now that I think of it what would I do without school nothing I'm antisocial nerdy really weak and have no fashion sense. ya nothing.

Aiden grabbed onto my hand intertwining our fingers making my heart leap in my chest at that small gesture. he smiled lovingly down at me as I did the same, but up at him as we walked to my locker to retrieve my things.

"so did you copy down the homework assignment from Mrs.Leckler she kinda zoned me out when she was talking about William Shakespeare and such" Aiden spoke rolling his eyes at the end I knew Mrs.Leckler to much to know she is crazily obsessed with Romeo & Juliet

I rolled my eyes as I cracked a small smile handing him over my finished paper on why Juliet faked her death. Aiden's eyes grew wide as his mouth hung open scanning the page front to back before his awe struck gaze fell upon me.

"you did this are you kidding me in class you are to good are you a nerd or something wait I didn't mean it like that I me-" I cut him off by placing my finger on his lips shutting up his adorable rambling.

"no I finished it yesterday I ask for homework early, I like to get things done fast and on time and you could say I am a nerd and non taken" I spoke answering everything he questioned and said,

his face turned from surprised to a pout as he jutted out his lip in a childish way his eyes growing big like a puppy's.

"no fair my girlfriend is smarter than me!" he announced well actually it came out more like a whine making me giggle in response,

I didnt really think of it that way that we are dating since we technically just met three days ago last friday I presume. But I guess when you find your mate you just automatically date which is gosh diddly darn fine by me.

he stopped walking and bent down to my level and looked me straight in the eye the never ending of ice or his eyes looked into my chocolate ones.

"that was the cutest fucking giggle I have ever heard" he breathed out his minty breathe hitting my face making me close my eyes and smile softly waiting for something special to happen.

Aiden let out a soft chuckle and I could feel him get closer as he wrapped his arms around my waist tightly. I could tell he was leaning in by the way his breathe fanned across my face and got closer.

I have been waiting a while for this well actually a day and a half.but still I want this to happen no I ne-

"sir no pda in the hallway please"the principal's shrill voice rang out throughout out the hallway making me snap back into reality and a red coat over my cheeks.

"Yes I am sorry sir wont happen again" Aiden spoke smoothly making me want to jump up and kiss him smack dab on his freaking lips.

the short chubby little principal nodded sending a small glare at me before he exited the nearly empty hallway. that is when I realized we had 3 minutes to get to class my eyes widened as I ran to my classroom completely abandoning Aiden as I tried to get to my class on time.

I had Mr.Dahl the strict algebra teacher whoever was late got detention after school and I was not about that.

I hear Aiden yell an 'oh shit' as he ran off after me to the class we shared his feet pounding behind me as I ran the fastest my legs could carry me.

Finally I reached the classroom with Aiden grumbling on and on about how he could of died cause I left him and made it just before the bell rang.

the day went on like usual well not my usual, but maybe a new usual because before I was scurrying through lumps of people who teased me and yanked on everything I owned. Now it was more like Aiden glaring at anyone who tried to say something to me or even touch me for that matter.

"Hey Aiden I need to go to the bathroom" I said as I released his hand nodding towards the door to the girls room,

"Okay kitten find me at lunch" he smiled and placed a soft kiss on my lips making me smile widely and place a hand over the tingling surface.

Before I could even enter the bathroom a few moments later you know who showed up....


"well hello mate steal-er!" she sneered as her minions showed up behind her with evil glares.

curse my stupid bladder and unluckiness!


hey guys so i updated knowing that the last chapter was really sucky but anywho I hope you liked this! ANNOUNCEMENT NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE SOME OF JULIA'S BUT MOSTLY aIDEN'S SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! welp please vote comment ideas or what you think i loooooovvvveeee you so much byesies

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