I could feel someone staring at me not only that.but I had a feeling that I know who is staring at me. 

"Aiden stop staring at me" I mumbled reaching out to find his face.once found I pushed it back as he chuckled.

freaking moron trying to be a creep disturbing my perfect slumber does anyone know that they can not just wake up Julia or she will go hulk on you?

"I'm sorry love you just look adorable when you sleep" Aiden said sliding his hand around my waist,

how come I can feel his bare arm touch me wasnt there any cloth to not be able to feel that wasnt I wearing clothes before I went off to be...

then it hit me.

Aiden giving me my mark,us frickle frackling on the bed,oh god am I still naked oh god oh god oh god why why why?!?!?!

I shrieked pulling the blankets towards me covering myself up as Aiden let out a surprised gasp and fell off the bed with a thud.

"what the hell Julia?" Aiden spoke pulling himself up as he craddled his head,

"I AM NAKED!!" I said pulling the blankets closer to me trying to cover my exposed body I dont know what I was on yesterday to just take my clothes off infront of Aiden.

not that I didnt enjoy it heck that was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me well behind the fact that I was born,but still. that night was the most love filled night I ever had and lets just say Aiden is fucking hot oh my god I swore I mean fudging.

"yeah you are naked and I am too now give me some of the blanket!" Aiden said standing up and reaching his hand out for the blanket.

I didnt realize until now that Aiden was naked too, but of course he is you silly bum he did do the se- okay can we not talk about this wolf! 

 I seem like a pervert,but I trailed my eyes down Aidens torso coming across a perfect sculpted body. then came across the no no zone which Aiden was holding with both hands now as I sheilded my eyes. that thing was in me?

jeez you are to innocent for your own good Julia hey shut it Spark! ( A/Nl:that is Julias wolf)

"Julia can you just give me a damn blanket I need to cover up" Aiden spoke stopping me from yelling at my wolf.

"sorry" I said bowing my head as I gave him part of my blanket.

he sat down next to be pulling me to him as he layed down me on top of him, 

"Julia you know you dont have to cover up from me" he said closing his eyes as his grip on my hips tightened.

"b-but I would be.....nude"I whispered the last part probably sounding like a child,but it was full on true I have never showed myself naked to anyone except when I was a baby and my mom had to change me or bathe me but that is not the point.

"Julia you are so innocent" Aiden said his voice tinged with a little sadness as if someone close to him recently died or was injured.

I looked at him seeing that his eyes were filled with pain as he played with the hem of the blanket. he looked like he had done something he didnt or shouldnt have done like he commited a crime and feels guilty.

"Aiden...whats wrong?" I asked softly pulling his hands to interlace with mine,

he sighed heavily closing his eyes tight,

"its just I feel like we shouldnt have done what we have done yesterday" he said his eyes still closed as a lump formed in my throat,

was this it? was this the rejecting the nerd part of the story finally the part where hje leaves with a better girl and I get dumped like trash? 

"what do you mean?"I choked out holding back the whimpers of my wolf and the glossy tears that threatened to spill.

"what I mean is that us having sex wasnt a good idea"Aiden spoke out sounding angered,

I whimpered closing my eyes for a brief moment to catch the almost fallen tears and opened them back up forcing them to stay put,

"so you are saying it wasnt a good idea we made love? that we finally took a big step towards being better mates? that I just gave up my fucking virginity for nothing then just to have you say it wasnt a good idea and get all mad about it?!" I yelled pulling myself back covering back up with the blanket.

I felt as if I just sold my body to some old pervert like I was just used by someone I thought I loved! dont jump to conclusions here Julia you always seem to do that! shut up Spark I will jump to conclusions all I want when I think they are accurate he just said us having sex was a bad idea!

"no Julia that isnt what I meant I was just trying to tell you that we should have just not done that at all an-" I cut him off even more angry

"so YOU are telling ME that this should of never happened?! we should of never done that?! are you kidding me Aiden I just gave myself to you the whole night and what do I get in the morning a nice slap in the fucking face thats what! am I just a toy to you? am I just another one of your whores?" I said the tears finally breaking through sliding down my cheeks in clumps.

Aidens eyes flashed royal blue as he grabbed me and in one flash he was on top of me, I repeatedly punched him trying to get away from him.

I feel dirty.

"JULIA!"Aiden yelled making me whimper as my hands just dropped the tears flowing freely still,

he sighed heavily looking down at me something shimmering in his eyes are those tears?

"I feel like I-I just hurt you"Aiden said sounding broken, my eyes widened as I looked up at him.

he looked so broken as if he was a child who accidently broke somthing of his siblings or parents and can never fix it again.


"no dont say I didnt because I know I did I know taking your virginity was wrong you are so innocent and I feel that I just took it away like I have damaged you I feel guilty if that makes any sense" he whispered squeezing his eyes shut.

I reached my hands up and brushed the tears that fell from his eyes,

"Aiden" I said pulling his face closer to mine.

"Aiden listen to me you dont need to feel guilty okay? what you think you took is what I gave you I wanted to give you it dont feel guilty that my so called purity is gone not everyone is pure I still am me ya know I didnt change one bit" I whispered wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me,

"but with you I feel like everything I do is a crime" he whispered back to me,

"it isnt you know why?" I said into his ear feeling a light shiver roll down Aidens back,

"why" he said looking into my eyes,

"because I love you" I said even though I have said it before I think now was the better times because Aiden smashed his lips onto mine,and lets just say the frickle frackling begun again...

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