I was currently at holding a stick in the bathroom...

Waiting for the stupid thing to tell me if I am or not.

Right after getting the dress by the way not showing my mother or anyone seeming that it would show my belly I ran into a gas station and was waiting for the results.

I am scared to know what everyone will sya if I am pregnant I am only 18 for christs sake!

I breathed in a gulp of air as I just pictured Aidens face to calm me down which thankfully it did.






The little stick read positive, I dont know whether to be thrilled or scared for my life at this very moment. How the hell am I supposed to get married with a bulge? Wait how is tere a bulge if me and Aiden only frick fracked a few days ago.

I think I need to see a doctor, but if I see our pack doctor Aiden will find out...shit i have to go see a human doctor. But if I see a human doctor how will they know why my baby is growing fast?

I wrapped up the stick and threw it in the garbage before exiting the gas station and heading towards my moms running car. Everyones worried faces popped up as I opened the door.

"Are you okay hun you have been in there for a bit" Penelope spoke first making everyone nod,

"Huh? Oh yeah sorry I just had a head ache just needed some alone time sorry to worry you guys" I said calmly as if I never saw the little pink positive sign.

"Oh honey Im sorry we will go straight home and drop you off leave the rest to us ok?" My mom said rubbing my shoulder gently.

I smiled at her and nodded before resting my head on the cool glass of the window cooling off my heavy thoughted mind.

After a few moments of Honey screeching the lyrics to a pop sing and Penelope poking me constantly asking me if I was okay we finally pulled up to my drive way.

I quickly exited the car with my dress not wanting mom to accidently ruin it and left without saying a goodbye as I slammed the door.

I placed my self right next to the door leaning my back on it as I exhaled loudly.

"It seems you were in a hurry to get away" a voice spoke making me snap my head to the direction of the voice.

Aiden stood there smirking at me as he held my sleeping brother in his arms, this made my stomach twist. Is this what he will look like with our child?

"Yeah uh hey I have a question" I said placing my dress on the coat hanger beside the door,

"And I have an answer" Aiden replied smiling as he set my brother down on the couch.

"Will you be going to your pack house anytime soon?" I asked biting my lip softly

"Yeah actually I have to go in about ten minutes for a meeting wanna come with?" He said pulling on his sweater looking at me questionally,

I let out a small sigh in relief that I hoped he wouldnt of heard and walked up to him wrapping my arms around his neck.

"That would be nice" I said before placing a kiss on his lips and pulling back just as my dad walked in,

"Hey you get your hands off my daughter or I will cut them down to the wrist!" He said accusingly pointing a finger at him as he picked up the little boy on the couch and walked out making an I am watching you sign to Aiden.

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