I was angry Aiden for not telling me about having a trial with Veronica no matter how many times I told him to cancel he gave me a sour look and said no firmly.

So I did what me nerdy Julia does best turn away and ignore them until they break which is actually quite amusing most the time.

So I took a separate car with the alpha and avoided Aiden like the plague which he is way to hot to be the plague. Shut up Julia you are supposed to be mad not not enjoying the view!

The trial was a while ago maybe half an hour ago it didn't take long for Veronica to confess and pay the price for beating me.

No she was not beaten herself or hanged or whipped like the other packs did to their pack members. She was fined and disgraced from the pack so close to being banned but their wasn't enough evidence.

After the trial I walked right home seeming that the pack house isn't to far from my house Aiden of course followed me home and was currently sitting outside my door.

"Julia open the door!" Aiden said trying to bust the door open,

"Yes?" I said against the door in a sweet voice.

"Open up!" I could hear the eye roll in his voice making me giggle and grasp the door handle pulling it open.

There was a short scream before a thud and I looked down to see Aiden face down sprawled out on my white plush carpet. I giggled covering my mouth as he sat up glaring at me a scowl etched on his face.

"What do you want?" I finally said becoming very serious as I crossed my arms over my chest giving a pointed look at Aiden. He pulled himself up and shut the door behind him letting out a heavy sigh as he pushed himself onto my baby blue bed.

Now that I think of it only two colors are used in my room baby blue and white, the walls were baby blue with a white trim. The desk in the far corner was white sitting beside a white dresser that reached the other wall whit a white mirror on top of it. My bed itself was white but the covering was baby blue and finally my window and door was baby blue.


Finally I broke my random thought about my room and focused in on Aiden who was looking at me like he was studying me.

"Why are you mad?" He asked a frown on his face,

If Aiden scowled really deep as his eyes flickered from royal blue to icy blue and he clenched his fists into tight balls.

"You think Veronica shouldn't have been punished for beating up the betas mate for no apparent reason?!?" He spoke through clenched teeth making me flinch back a bit,

"Yes wait no,yes wel-" I was cut off

"NO! The answer is n-o you are my mate you are supposed to be unharmed I am supposed to protect you I am supposed to be with you the whole time! A wolf like her should of never messed with you,and I wasn't there to help you" Aiden was coming closer and closer to me with every word whispering the last part sadly making my heart break,

I will admit Veronica did deserve to be punished but to be punished that bad was kind of harsh even if she is queen of bitchy town.

"Aiden" I breathed out wrapping my arms around his neck, on instinct Aidens arms wrapped around my waist pulling me too him,

I leaned upwards placing a small peck onto his god like fudging lips and pulled back, well actually attempted to pull back,but I was yanked back in by Aiden.

"That's all I get?" He whispered his face so close I could feel his breathe fan across my cheeks, so close I could see his beautiful eyes stare right into mine,so close I could see the emotion in those beautiful eyes swirling within them were love and adoring.

I giggled and leaned up more on my tippy toes and firmly pressed my lips against Aidens feeling the shock waves erupt within my body.

Its funny how just a few days ago I was mate less thinking no one would accept me as a mate ever inh my life. Thinking that I would be old and used by to many people and lost by all the people I thought were mine.

But now I understand that I have a mate no ones gonna leave me I can be happy and ot think about the doubts in life.

I can be as happy as a wolf chasing a squirrel!

Oh the irony



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