So I had nothing not to fancy,but fancy to wear what do you expect I am a nerd after all so no one asks me to things like a dance or something I for sure thought I wasnt going to be with someone for my last dance of my high school year prom which is coming up soon.

So I did the thing any reasonable person would took my mom shopping with me since she is a serious fashion freak.

we went through all different kinds of stores that I have never been to and even got things I did not need. We went to forever 21,hurburgers,marshalls and we are currently at ceb finally finding something suitable for my date tonight.

to say the least I was a wreck I have never been to a first date since the 8th grade when my old best guy friend Stanley asked me on a date and took me to Mcdonalds. Yeah not the best kind of first date but I am counting this as my first real date and I am a nervous wreck.

My mom was scowering the place looking for a dress that matched my eyes,hair and complexion so it would look perfect. She was also looking for bundles of makeup and matching shoes saying I have to not look like a dork for this date and for now on.

"love you too mom" I said sarcastically,

"oh honey I did not mean it like that but sweetie your fashion needs to go like soon or I will throw myself of a bridge!" she said crossing her arms full of make up products bundles of dresses shoes dangling off her finger tips and hair products.

"jeez mom how much things do you need to get for me it is just one nightr woman calm down!" I said pointing accusingly at all the things she is holding.

she smiled sheepishly adding a few perfumes to her huge stack and ushering me towards the back area were they held the dressing rooms that were painted a hot pink with light pink cursive deb letters on it.

"Julia this is all for the rest of your school year and the date now that you have a mate you should be putting on more then baggy sweaters and leggings sweetie I am doing this for the sake of you fashion sense it is calling me because it is dying" she said smirking in my direction handing me the bundle of dresses and shoes.

"wow mom that makes me feel so much better" I said shoving the dresses on the hook rolling my eyes at my mother,

"oh sweetie sorry but it is true now hush and try them on I wanna see everyone of them!' she said and slammed the door on me I rolled my eyes once again locking the door and carefully slipping out of my clothes and just as my mother said yes they are baggy sweaters and leggings.

my outfit was consisting of a big black sweater that had my school logo on it and black leggings. Yikes yes maybe I do need a touch up with my fashion sense I think I will use the things my mom is giving me I think I would like to save my dying fashion.

I pulled on the first dress and turned around facing a body length mirror wide enough to fit a couple people.

the dress was a silky lime green one splitting in half mid thigh and flowing on the two sides of my legs down to the floor. on the top where it covered the breasts there was different shapes on emerald gems arranged in a random order.

my mom paired them with matching lime green shoes so I slid them on the dress itself was beautiful,but it was not fitting me well maybe a red head would look nice in this.

I still unlocked the door and slid my self out of the little wedge of space the door gave me and showed my mom who was wrinkling her nose in disgust. The face she had on reminded me of Aiden's mother of how she looked at me with such disgust making me want to curl up in a ball.

I shook that off after hearing a long and grossed out no from my mother and hurried myself back into the dressing room. Most of my time spent here was shopping and in the dressing room trying on clothes that fit my moms comfort and style zone.

So right now after trying on countless things didnt really bother me it kinda just grew on me after the thought of coming here more often because I let my mom choose clothes dawned on me also.

the next dress was a bright red wine color that had a scratchy black cover over the red, the dress had a little red flower on the left side of my waist and went down to my knees. I found a pair of matching red wedges that I slipped on and looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked to matchy not saying it was bad but it was actually good to see this on me I never actually matched with the clothing that I wore it was usually all over the place like I just came out of a skittles bag.

I opened the door and showed my mom who smiled warmily and spoke,

"it is nice but I just dont think this is the one you should have go try on the next one!" he said pushing me back into the room.

I huffed in annoyance slipping out of the scratchy dress and hanging it on the opposite hanger with the other one saying that these were the ones I did not want.

I rummaged through the countless dresses my mom piled on with me and one caught my eye, it was a dark blue one like the sky when it was close to midnight. it had multiple layes that was made of silk leading down to my knees.

the back of the dress led down to my heels making it look nice on my body as I slid it on. there was only one strap that had shiny silver sparkles on it as it lead from my right to my back side.

my mom matched it with a pair of strapped silver heels that made me a few inches taller, in the mirror I looked at myself and gasped. It was like looking in a magazine well the dress anyway the dress looked like it just came from a fashion show.

Islipped on the shoes and stepped out of the dressing room showing it to my mom once I fully faced her she stood up gasping like I did in the dressing room when I saw myself.

"honey it looks perfect on you, baby girl you look so beautiful" she smiled hugging me tight as good as she could seeing that I was atleast a few inches taller than her in the heels she matched it with.

"thanks mommy" I said smiling as she released me,

"no problem honey,but one last thing"she said looking at me seriously,

"what mom?" I said slipping off the shoes,

"are you ready for your first real date?"

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