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He Rejected Me?! by qianyunn_
He Rejected Me?!by qianyunn_
Karla just came back from Australia to find that her mate is... Damien the biggest bad boy in town. Damien had found out too that Karla is his mate when she walked throu...
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All you need to know about the Twilight saga characters by YoungLoveFatou
All you need to know about the i <3 twilight
this book will tell you all you need to know about the twilight saga characters. this book has all the information you want. how the character was created how they were...
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Double Trouble by StephyRoxsUrSoxs
Double Troubleby Stephanie
Victoria and Alexis lost their parents from a horrible murder when they were only twelve years old, leaving them with no one, until a man named Tom took them in a year l...
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Project Popular by articpaige
Project Popularby Cosma )
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Epiphany & Oblivion by Nari_046
Epiphany & Oblivionby Nangamso Maneli
Nobody can teach her who she is. You can describe parts of her, but who she is - and what she needs - is something she has to find out herself. Meet Lea Fuller. A name...
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me and cody simpson? A CODY SIMPSON LOVE STORY! <3 by thesamanthamelvin
me and cody simpson? A CODY Samantha Melvin
Izzy is just a normal 14 year old girl untill a new boy in her school turns out to be her favorite singer in the world!! which happens to have a thing for Izzy!
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I'm Better Without Him... Or Am I? by GracePowell
I'm Better Without Him... Or Am I?by Why Would I Tell you... You M...
Destiny's always had the same route through life.... Book, second hand car, job and spending every free minute in the school art studio, but when George her fun loving...
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Are you forever ? { Starring MB } by TeamMB143
Are you forever ? { Starring MB }by ?????
When I first saw her all I wanted to do was make her mine & now shes going to be mine forever
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Princess lier by NicoleDavilaRobaina
Princess lierby Nicole Davila Robaina
A evil little princess
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The Guilt by gottagetfrostie
The Guiltby Lee Anne Frost
Allie is filled with guilt after the death of her sister Elenora. When the time comes to get on with life, her guilt is holding her back. Will she move on or will the gu...
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A New Beginning Of A Small Miracle (One Direction FanFiction) by emmalou2
A New Beginning Of A Small Emma☯
Opal Austin is just a small town girl living in the U.S. until she turns eighteen and moves to London. She applies for many nanny positions, but one in particular, canno...
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Once Upon a Band by emicate98
Once Upon a Bandby Emily Coan
Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood are all in the new famous band 5 Seconds of Summer, or 5SOS for short. Their new song writer, Belle helps th...
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What is normal? by CourtneyAnneBaum
What is normal?by Courtney Anne Baum
This story is a about a 15 yr old girl named Emilia Jones trying to find out what is normal and what is not. But insted she finds out nothing is normal. :) PLEASE LIKE
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Who Knew The Nerd Could be Tempting !!??? by resaful101
Who Knew The Nerd Could be resaful101
She was a nerd at first but then one day was all it took to show what she really look like. She is like prey now for boys and lets see what she does with he life since h...
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