I found her a while ago limping down the hallway I could feel my wolf surface as she tried to grip onto the wall for support.

Right when she was about to fall down I ran as fast as I could and caught her in my arms swiftly, she had her eyes closed and her lip caught in between her teeth.

"Julia" I breathed out catching her as one eye opened and scanned the area before landing on me.

"Oh uhm hi" she said innocently looking up at me with a guilty look.

After that I dragged her home much to her protest,but instead of her house we went to mine seeming that I didn't want her parents to worry.

so we were currently sitting on two different bean bag chairs while I was getting more frustrated then I was when my mother told me I couldn't be with Julia.

She was not telling me anything that happened to her back at school and I was getting sick and tired of it you cant just go mess with my mate and act like nothing happened.

"kitten" I whispered to her as I grabbed one of her soft brown locks and twirled it with my index finger,

"yes?" she said briefly looking up before placing her eyes back on the homework due in 2 days, yes Julia made me go back for the up coming homework so she could avoid me by doing homework.

I hate how she is doing this doesnt she understand that what happened to her hurt me, not the part where I could feel everything. But more like it hurt me emotionally because she was my mate I was suppossed to protect her and not let danger even lay a finger on her.

"tell me who did this" I spoke coming closer as I pulled back the brown hair from her right side to the left. her breathe hitched as the pencil fell out of her hands and landed silently on the carpeted ground.

I smirked knowing how I would get this reaction out of her and placed a soft kiss on her neck right where the mark should be. feeling her shiver under my touch I decided to place kisses up her neck to her jawline were she moaned the sexiest moan I have ever heard in my life.

that just got me riled up as I kissed up to her cheek and to the corner of her mouth where she closed her eyes. my lips hovered over hers ready to just attack them with my own,but now was not the time I needed to know who beat her!

I pulled back making a soft whimper escape her lips as she opened her eyes slowly a sad wave flowing through her eyes. I felt guilty maybe I should of just kissed her? no I have to know who did this to my mate!

"Julia you have to tell me"I said softly cupping her cheeks as she tried to avoid eye contact with me her cheeks painted red.

"I can't" she said repeating the words from countless times before I growled in frustration and anger and forced her to look at me

"Julia I am your mate for damn's sake I need to know who did this to you you are the beta's mate which means you are high ranking meaning whoever messes with you messes with me now tell me" I spoke gently yet sternly making her bite her lip as her guilty eyes met mine,

"it was Veronica" she said avoiding eye contact with me one again pushing away from me as she retrieved her fallen pencil and began to work once again.

I growled I think I know what Veronica she is talking about.

She is the one who tried to 'seduce' me if you want to call rubbing her non existent boobs on me and trying to get in my pants seducing right before I met Julia. She would always try to tell me how I am her mate, and that we should have a quickie in the closet which uhm no.

I dug into my back pocket reaching for my phone and pulled it out dialing my Alpha's number it rang a few times before Matt answered the phone,

"hello " his breathe less voice spoke through the phone I was about to ask why he was breathless but decided not to have images in my mind.

"Matt where is Jeffry I need to speak to him! its urgent" I said the last part sternly I heard a small hold on from Matt and some shuffling before my alpha's voice came on the phone,

"what do you want Aiden?" Jeffry spoke clearly irritated the I ruined his moment with Matt,

Im no hater on them,but uhm yes sir please keep it together and not frickle frackle aaaalllll the time. Need jesus.

"sorry I disturbed you Alpha my apologies its just a girl named Veronica beat my mate up and I want to know who the fuck she is and what is she doing?!" I roared into the phone making Julia look at me wide eyed I calmed myself down and breathed in deeply.

I know I shouldn't be talking to my Alpha like this,but we all know when someone hurts your mate physically mentally or emotionally. Well you know it is not going to end out pretty.

"Aiden we will get the pack members to find her who ever she is she will be punished!" Jeffry spoke sounding very serious making my face wash with relief I was about to say something when I heard his voice ring out again.

"AIden I got to go I have some er business to take care of" and with that he hung up I made a disgusted face knowing what he was talking about jeez cant he keep it in his pants.

thoughts about Veronica and her punishment ran through my head along with Julia and how I wasn't there to protect her like I should that's what mate's do right?

I felt so ashamed of myself on how I just wasnt there for her I know I shouldnt be blaming myself like this cause I just met her and I barely know anything about her or her past. For all I know she could be bullied every day behind my back when I am not standing by Julia.

I felt two tiny arms wrap around my neck I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I didn't even realize that Julia was infront of my. I wrapped my arms around her waist holding her flush against me making her smile as she leaned in closer.

"I think we missed something from earlier?"she said smiling innocently up at me.

wait what did we miss I don't remember anything we missed I don't miss anything we-

right then and there my thought was cut off when a pair of hands gripped my hair and soft lips were landed on mine.

oh god please tell me this is real!


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