I was wearing a dress.

that was just the one word that could keep the whole world screaming for a weeks time. I know I know I wore a dress before but this one was really not my style Penelope was trying to get me to wear it to the graduation party,but I was refusing to even exit the bedroom door in this thing.

"come on Julia just wear it you look nice!" Penelope said panting as she tried to shove me out the door for a werewolf she is surprisingly weak. 

"no" I said stubbornly pushing back making Penelope tumble backwards. I huffed out a sigh and headed straight for my closet peeling off the frilly pink mess looking like I was thrown up on by a pink unicorn after eating the whole land of pink topia pink Pink PInk PINNKK!!

I pulled out two different dresses out of the closet that seemed decent for my first party, yes I know it is sad my first party is my after graduation party dont make fun.

the dress in my right hand was a tight silvery dress on top dipping down a few inches into her cleavlage with a diamond like star, the top part above her breastes had sequences like gems the same as the ove that dipped down. it flowed from her mid stomach down to mid thigh in layers of ruffles.

the dress in my left hand was dark blue on top thinning out to an aqua then a light blue towards the bottom. gems were matching the colors on the top half of the dress leading down to her waist where the silky cloth turned to a netted one flowing out down to her knees like a light blue tutu.

they were both beautiful dresses but she didnt know which one to wear to the dance only having 19 more minutes until Aiden storms into the room and drives us gave me a little anxiety.

"wear the silver one"Penelope said smiling at the other room where she was fixing her hair in my mirror. 

we locked eyes through the reflected glass and she smiled wider making a small grin break out onto my face as well.

"silver looks good with you chocolate brown hair and eyes it makes it pup more also make sure to put light pink blush on it will go perfect!" she said smearing nude lipstick over her natural pink lips which I was jealous of.

before I walked into my connected bathroom I took a look at Penelope she was stunning to say the least. she had a red  hair that tumbled in natural curls down to her mid back and light green eyes that made you think of a forest once you saw them. she wore a peach dress exactly like my blue one but it had pink gems and the bottom was more of a peachy pink.

Penelope actually had a date to the dace after freaking out who she was going to bring for the past few weeks she found one. his name was Ryan he was tall with brown hair that fell into his bright green eyes.

they were dating now for about 3 weeks and were so adorable they were mates of course it was amusing to how they met but now is not the time to stare at Penlope now is the time to get ready cause you only have...

I turned to the clock my eyes widening about 50 times realizing I only had 7 minutes to get ready! I ran to the bathroom slipping the grey dress over my body having it fit snuggly to my body and tied the bow in the back.

I walked out of the bathroom and walked over to the mirro wrenching  Penelope from it and quickly pulling on the makeup needed for it. I just did a simple sparkly white eyeshadow with the light pink blush like my best friend said to do and some shimmery pink lip gloss.

I was finished in record time,but record time wasnt enough time because before I could even do my hair there was a honk outside indication Aiden was already in the car and was ready to go. I sighed simply just brushing my hands through my hair letting it fall in waves.

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