*few months later*

I walked down the isle a big smile on my face as I looked across to the man standing before me...

it was Mr.Stenk my principal who called my name to receive my diploma from graduating school finally.

I stepped foot on the stage like normal almost tripping over my purple and white gown I did not really approve of the colors it made me stand out seeming that I don't wear purple much often,but what can you do sue the school because you are a fashion police.

Oh god I am turning into my mother and of course I was after my wonderful date with Aiden about a couple months ago she threw out all my un-needed clothes and replaced them with the garbage bags of clothes we bought together.

so since then I have ranked a little higher then a nerd in fashion but I was still the dorky occasionally glasses wearing book worn study freak.

I grabbed hold of my diploma ready to exit the stage not liking how every eye was on me and the lights were gazing down upon me.

"here we have the most intelligent woman in our school,but correction she used to be in our school now she is moving off into a life of unknown-ness and finding her dream job" Mr.Stenk spoke over the microphone.

"GO JULIA!!" i heard the familiar voice in the crowd I narrowed my eyes finding a smirking Aiden waving to me I blushed fiercely trying to leave but the principal kept a grip on me.

"Julia can you please tell the crowd what you would like to be when you finally leave this stadium" Mr.Stenk spoke making me gulp down a lump in my throat.

what do I wanna be when I was older? it seemed like I did not know the only thing that came to my mind was Aiden his smiling face the way his icy blue eyes always caught my attention. Would I want to say him? that he was going to be my life when I get out of this stadium?

but wasn't there something else I could think of to add on to it that could over power Aiden in my life? that was a simple answer,


nothing in this world could ever compare to living the rest of my life with Aiden and having him by my every waking moment.

after a while of standing there deep in thought the principal pushed my back forward to the podium urging me to tell the crowd. I cleared my throat uneasiness crashing into me like a wave a knot forming in my stomach as I looked at the students that used to be in the halls I roamed and classes I attended.

"what would I like to be when I grow up?" I said into the phone not actually asking the question more like stating it,

"I always wondered about what I would be a lawyer, a writer, a teacher even an astronaut came to my mind through the year" the crowd chuckled at my outrageous-ness I knew they never thought I would become an astronaut.

"it always seemed to be fuzzy like looking through a thick blanket of fog" I said turning my gaze straight to Aiden as our gazes locked.

"now it seemed it is all clear like someone just sucked up all that fog" I said calmly not even noticing that I was still on the stage talking to more than 500 people all that I was worried about was Aiden sitting a few rows away from me.

we kept the gaze like if we didn't the world would end. I could tell that Aiden was waiting patiently for me to finish anticipation and worry flooding his eyes as he wondered what I was going to say,

"what I want to be when I get out of the school is to be happy,and with someone" I said turning my gaze back to the crowd but catching Aidens gaze every few minutes.

their faces held lots of emotion and wonder to who I was speaking about which was odd Aiden always seemed to be by me almost every second of the day.

"I want to be happy with Aiden Kowley" I finished off looking back to my beloved mate to find his mouth open in shock.

what did the doofus think I was gonna do live with my oh so wonderful sister with 20 million cats?

as beautiful and non dramatic that sounds I would rather not I would rather have him in my life than a bunch of Satan like cats.*not that all cats are Satan but the last time I had a cat lets just say I almost died*

I walked off the stage some students clapping and the principal in tears saying how beautiful young couples are then choking out the next student.

"kitten" a soft voice spoke before I could even let out a reply I hit a wall,but I knew all to well to think that it was a wall.

I looked up to see icy blue eyes whoa a little deja vu? I smiled as Aiden let out a little chuckle wrapping his arms around my waist.

"this reminds me of the first day we met" was all he spoke as he leaned his head down closer to mine making my breathe catch in my throat.

it seemed he always had this affect on me making me always want his touch making me drool over his hecka sexy body and making me stop breathing by just being near me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him even closer to me making a small smirk make its way on his face.

"whoa somebody wants some of the Aiden pie huh?" I giggled rolling my eyes at his weirdness ever since that day I said I liked him and he said he liked me well he was more weird-er then I remembered.

"just shut up and kiss me" I said finally pulling him down threading my hands through his soft hair and locking our lips together.

even though the kiss was short due to being interrupted by the principal screeching at us saying no pda and my new bestie Penelope dragging me and Aiden to the car cause of the after party I still believe that was the best kiss I have ever had.



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