"Julia are you ok?" Aiden asked as I played with his hair his head in my lap,

I bit my lip holding back the flooding words I have been esposed to yesterday back in that simple bitten lip.

"Yeah everything is just fine you know just dandy. Dandy that is a strange word to say how your fine how did someone come up with dandy it i-"

"Ok shush" Aiden said pressing his finger to my lips making me stop my unstoppable ramble,

"Whats up?" He said worriedly as he got up and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me onto his lap.

I sighed as he placed his head between my neck and bit down softly on my mark and peperred it with kisses.

"Well I was just thinking maybe we should move the wedding up" I said coming up with the perfect plan.

He stopped kissing my neck and turned me around still on his lap and looked me in the eye, he searched around my eyes to my face where he looked at me like I was a portrait hung up in a museum.

"Okay" was all he said

"Why not I just want to get married to a hot hunk an- wait okay?" I said raising an eyebrow at him,

"Yeah I said ok, but what about the hot hunk kitten?" He said a huge smirk soreading across his face.

"Uh-uhm well uh" I stuttered out without a thing to think of I just grabbed his face and crashed my lips onto his.

I dont even know why I did this maybe to get out of he embarissing explanation, but at thhe same time cause I just wanted to kiss him.

I felt the fireworks erupting deep within my chest and as it was getting bigger it erupted and blew all through out my whole body. Our lips moved in sync as our breathe was slowly fading away like a ghost in the silence(A/N: thats a song from bmth cx).

After a few moments we had to pull away cause I think I was turning blue, and we just sat there looking at each other.

"Aiden I brought oh god shes here" a familiar voice rang out into the room.

There stood the all to familiar black haired woman aka Aidens wonderful mother standing there with her arms folded.

"Oh well hello there Dianna" Aiden snapped unravelling his hands from around me and turning to look at his mother.

She had her sleek black hair cut shorter then last time in a bob type style, she had her icy glare cast upon me as I coward behind Aidens frame. She was wearing a business pant suit that was a deep purple.

"Aiden I am your mother the least you can do is call me ma'am like I raised you to do!" She snapped at him her glare still on me as I peeked over Aidens shoulder.

"I will never call you anything, but your name since you have been rude to my mate" he spat out at her as he glared at her with so much hatred radiating off of him.

"Well I guess this would be a bad time to introduce you to someone" she said with a smirk on her face making me go pale at it.

Introduce who?

"What?" Aiden said a confused look washing over his face as his mothers smirk just grew,

"Jasmine!" She called sweetly in a high pitched tone making my ears wince sometimes it is bad to have werewolf hearing.

A girl came in not so far from her call, and just seeing her made my stomach drop.

She was goregous.

She had long blonde hair that fell down in nice soft waves, she also had big hazel eyes that seemed to pop with the smoky eye makeup she was wearing. She had small plump lips smothered in gloss and she had bright white teeth. She had a slim tall figure making her have a stance of a model...making her look way better then me.

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