Betas beauty

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nerd ~nouninformal-a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

That's who I supposedly am. Julia Stecker at your services well not really I am no servant nor will I ever be I am just a small yet rare 'nerdy' werewolf. Let me explain myself and my story well I have long brown hair and brown matching eyes I'm frail and thin like a porcelain doll and very pale. I have soft pink lips that actually all together make me look like a real life porcelain doll.

Anyway I go to school like any other day,but today was different everyone was silent and standing by there lockers with wide eyes. Me not knowing anything didn't realize what was going on and look around suddenly walking into a wall.

Are walls supposed to send sharks through your body? Cause this wall did it felt like the fourth of July was bursting within me.

But sadly when I look up its 'him' the beta not just any beta,but the beta of the strongest pack in America standing before me. The worst part is yet to come when a sexy voice rings out ever so quietly "mate".


Hope you guys like it :3 comment your reactions give me ideas please like I love you all!!

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