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"Aiden" a freindly voice softly said as a hand was placed on my shoulder,

"Julia" I said as I jolted upwards looking around the room franitcally,

Realizing where I was I settled down a frown seeping through my features like water does to mud, the nurse that spoke to me smiled pity and sadness showing clearly.

"Is something wrong?" I asked rubbing my hands down my face,

There couldn't have been anything more wrong so far Julia laid motionless in her bed, steady breathing, parted lips, her hair scrunched up flowing over the pillow.

She has been like that for the past 5 weeks and I might as well have been the same, or atleast I wish it was me there instead of my love.

"Well we have something important for you to know" she spoke calmly put the clicking of her tongue and tapping of her manicured fingers said otherwise.

"What is it?" I asked lifting myself up from my chair which was next to Julias sleeping form.

I glanced at her slightly wishing that she was ok that this was all a pracitcal joke that the moon goddess was playing on me. That she would wake up and wrap herself around me as we finished our wedding together.

But sadly she didnt only the beeping of her heart moditor and her motionless body stayed there.

"Well there is no way to explain it properly so let me just show you" she said pushing her pointy hot pink glasses closer to her face.

She walked over to the bed where Julia lied and lifted up her dress showing off a bump. How could I not notice it before? It was a round bump that looked like it was about more than 4 months in birth.

But how the last time we actually had sex was a few days before the wedding so maybe a month or two ago.

My insides twisted as I looked at the bump.

"Make sure they are ok" I remembered her saying maybe not exactly like that, but it was said like that.


"Sir this is abnormal and we do not have a solution to this these babies will likely grow abnormally or be some type of mutant based on our studies from past issues" she said pulling out a chart writing some things down fast,

"Wait ma'am please slow down I dont get whats going on!" I said pulling at my hair slightly as her words jumbled up in my mind.




"Im sorry sir, but thats all I could say I have to attend to another patient please ask my nurse in training if you have questions" she said holding up a hand and walking out,

I slammed my fist making the wall shake a slight, and a crack form until it reached up to the ceiling splitting off into little cracks.

I looked back over at Julia with her belly showing and I couldnt help, but feel mad yet happy. Why wouldnt she tell me about my babies?

I ruffled my hair up sliding a hand down my face as I pulled my chair up to my love's bed pulling down her gown. I pulled the blanket up to her chest feeling how cold her skin was.

I grasped her limp hand in mine feeling the little spark that erupted between us this brought a smile to my face.

"Julia" I breathed out looking at her sleeping face,

This is the moment where I could call her sleeping beauty she is the beauty in my life and she is also sleeping. If I send her a kiss will she awaken? Asks the beast.

"Why didn't you tell me my love?" I sighed out rubbing soft circles on her palm,

"Not that I am mad at you, I could never be mad at you Julia. I just am so happy that there will be little bouncy babies soon to be running around our house" I smiled at the thought of Julia holding our babies in her arms smiling down at them,

It got me choked up barely even getting my next words out,

"Baby I miss you, Penelope misses you, Matt misses you, Jeffry misses you, your family everyone! Why cant you just wake up and smile that beautiful smile at us and just say you are okay?" I asked pounding down on the bed with my other hand.

A buzzin noise cut me off before I could destroy the rest of the room and I opened it up ignoring the id.

"What" I growled into the phone turning away from Julia,

"Well hello to you too Beta" a female voice spoke to me, it was the pack doctor why is she calling me?

"What is it Annie?" I said urgently itching to know if it has anything to do with my love.

"Well its about Julia" She said speaking as if she was worried of something, my hand clenched around the phone.

"Just tell me!" I growled louder into the phone making a small yelp come through my way.

"Okay well uhm this is hard to explain but here we go. So Julia is a powerful Alpha that was set up to adoption because they couldnt keep her I presume. Combining that with your many generations of beta and some Alpha in your blood makes things grow faster." She said to me making my eyebrows scrunch together.

"What does that all mean?" I said, I could feel midnight trying to control me, but I settled him down by catching glances of our mate.

"Let me put it simply for you Aiden, it means that babies in particular that Julia has in her stomach will grow faster than the normal werewolf birthing process. Your kids wont be any different from the other kids well feature wise. Physical and emotion wise could be different Julias parents are the greatest Alpha and Lunas in the world they could hold powerful strength and or weld powers" she said breathing in a big gulp of air as if she was running a marathon.

I couldnt think of anything to say, Julia was the baby of the powerful Luna and Alpha. Those were just myths that the old folk would tell us when we wanted a bedtime story never did I know it would be real.

Is that why she is gold? It is said that the Alpha and luna were both a different shade of gold and in the story it has been told that they created the brightest gold werewolf baby with golden eyes.


"Aiden er I mean Beta are you there?" Annie spoke frantically on the other side of the phone,

"Yeah I j-"

"Aiden? Where am I?" A lovely voice rang out into the silence.

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