Rival for life (25)

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"When you stop seeing others as rivals, you will celebrate who they are rather than envy them."


    "Marc, I'm sooooooo hungry. When will Mason come back from that meeting?", I start to whine, throwing my arms in the air as a little kid.

    "Mr. William will probably take another hour", he states dryly with his normal blank face.

My pout gets bigger by the thought of sitting here another hour in Mason's office while starving to death.

Na-ah, not happening.

My gaze shifts over to the window, trying to take my mind somewhere else. I look outside, observing the breathtaking skyline of New York.

My eyes finally fall on a simple sandwich shop on the end of the street.
I felt my drool already, sliding over the corners of my mouth. My stomach started to make crazy sounds, reminding me that if I don't eat now I would probably eat my own shoe.

    "Marc, I'm going to get a sandwich for Mason and I. Do you want me to buy one for you too?", I ask, pointing at the shop.

    "I don't know if that's a great idea. I mean if Mr. William comes back from the meeting and he doesn't see you here he would probably throw a tantrum", Marc utters.

    "We are going now or you are the meal", I hiss out clearly pissed.

    What hunger can do to a person.

I'm normally a very calm person, but right now my hunger is literally eating me away. I swear if he doesn't give me food then I would bite his head off.


My thoughts get cut off by Marc shoving his phone in my palm, making me frown in confusion.

    "Hello, William Enterprise holding here how may I help you?", I hear the soft voice of Christina speaking.

Christina is one of the secretaries here. We haven't spoken to each other much, but she is one of the very few people who understand my humor and for that I respect her.

    "Can I please speak to Mr. William?", I ask politely.

Mason always turns his phone off in important meetings like this so he won't be distracted by looking at our pictures or texting me. (That's what he said.) For that he said that if there's something important and he's in a meeting then I can barge in or call the receptionist so they can pass him the phone. I never called or barged in, because there hasn't been something important.

    "I'm sorry, ma'am. Mr. William is in a meeting right now. Could you please tell me your name so I could pass on that you called."

"Faye Jackson", I respond.

I immediately hear a loud gasp coming from the other line.

"Miss Jackson, why haven't you said that it was you earlier? Wait a second, I'm going to pass the line to Mr. William", Christina says. I hear shuffling on the other line, indicating that she's walking to the room where the meeting is holding.

I glare at Marc while waiting for Christina to give him the phone. My heart starts to pound faster. I bite my lower lip in anxiousness. Maybe I'm bothering Mason while they were speaking about something very important. Maybe he would be angry, because I'm calling to tell him that I'm hungry. Maybe he-


My thoughts get cut off by a deep velvety voice. The voice was so smooth and luscious, making my heart melt immediately. We were only for 4 hours apart, but how I've missed his voice. Only now I could feel the missing piece in me.

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