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His fake assistant by tom-yumke
His fake assistantby ...
"She's is the only one who can calm my beast. It lives for her. This body, heart and soul is hers." ☆☆☆ "Mason, let go of him, please", the angel...
  • comedy
  • jealouse
  • obsessive
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Stalked by the God of Death | Book One by ScoobyDo6105
Stalked by the God of Death | Minutes Tick Bye Bye
"Lifes a game and I roll the dice" ___ Cassie thought she imagined the mist of darkness at her parents funeral. She thought it was the grief making her see thi...
  • stalked
  • boy
  • fiction
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Stalked and Rejected [COMPLETED] by xoxo_a18
Stalked and Rejected [COMPLETED]by Autumn Wilson
"You leave me no choice. I will find her. I will get her. And she will be mine. Do you hear me? She is mine. No matter what.” The big man said before I saw him rip...
  • rogue
  • stalked
  • alpha
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Stalked by phantomgirl3
Stalkedby ❤️Sabrina❤️
~Sequel to Taken~ Atlas Michael Torres, the only son of Alexandra and Ezra, has finally turned 24 and taken over his father's business. Raised just like his father, he t...
  • tonimahfud
  • teen
  • love
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Unbearable Silence (completed) by khassal
Unbearable Silence (completed)by Mel
Imagine being deaf and locked up in a room your entire life, with a family who hates you with a passion. This is Anastassia's life. Anastassia is only seventeen years o...
  • deaf
  • laughter
  • unloved
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"I'll never allow someone to touch what is mine, what is mine-is always mine!" shouted Mr. Angry Bird, of course the great Adonis Johnson! I was beyond shocke...
  • jealousy
  • forced
  • blackmailed
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Kidnapped by Why Don't We by Busybee4841
Kidnapped by Why Don't Weby Fluffy bulldogs
The whole van turned quiet except for a fuming Daniel. "Don't ever curse at me again, or else" Threatened Daniel harshly gripping my chin. "Or else what a...
  • whydontwe
  • obsessed
  • possessive
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Stalked By The Mafia Boss by arcadiamacyloo
Stalked By The Mafia Bossby arcadiamay
Dreco Blake is a 26 year old multibillionare . He's a arrogant,ruthless playboy , women drop their panties for him. One night stands were his cup of tea until he laid hi...
  • dramatic
  • boss
  • mafia
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Billionaire's Obsessive Love by paulathewriter
Billionaire's Obsessive Loveby Young Author
Cordelia was not expecting the life she got. She did not believe in love. She could not count on anyone but herself, she did everything on her own and never got help. Af...
  • erotic
  • protective
  • stalked
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Crazy Obsessed by GabiVega21
Crazy Obsessedby Gabi Vega
First, he was my teacher, Then he was my neighbor, Now he's my stalker.
  • teacherxstudent
  • stalker
  • stalked
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blind desires (EYELESS JACK x READER) by AriEatsGrapes
blind desires (EYELESS JACK x Daddy🌚🎒
*ON HOLD* you just got kicked out of a bar for whatever reason you cant remember, all you know is you met a guy in a mask... your're a stubborn, sassy, smart, hopeful g...
  • creepypasta
  • stalker
  • kidnapped
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Stalked by plAtiNUmh2O
Stalkedby Corey
Chloe ran away from home as a young adult to Los Angeles. She works at a family diner and lives a perfectly normal life. Until she noticed something. A follower. A stalk...
  • teenager
  • girl
  • wattys
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Deathless by The_Pizza_man_
Deathlessby The_Pizza_man_
I woke up last night to the sound of branches breaking outside my bedroom window. The lights weren't turning on no matter what I did and something was growling. It sound...
  • monster
  • journal
  • deanwinchester
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Subtle Menace  by Rose_101
Subtle Menace by Rose
(COMING SOON) After the mysterious death of her mother, Veronica Collins (who goes by the name Veya) finds herself in a world of turmoil. Somebody was stalking her, and...
  • fiction
  • teenlove
  • romance
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Stalked by destinymatiska
Stalkedby Destiny
What would you do if a couple weird texts turned your life for the worst? Ariana had everything she ever wanted until it was all ripped away from her by the hands of one...
  • stalked
  • family
  • mystery
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I Was Kidnapped And... I Liked It? Boyxboy. by TheAngelsDevil
I Was Kidnapped And... I Liked Elise. ❌
A week. That was all it took, a week for Shane to notice that he was being stalked. A week too long. He had been getting stalked for close to a year when his soon to b...
  • taken
  • stalked
  • kidnapped
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A Vampires Lover by LilithaAngel
A Vampires Loverby LilithaAngel
Sequel to A Vampires Slave A year has passed, too quickly, but not quickly enough. Lara has tried to get on with her life, staying positive even after her heart was shat...
  • blackbloods
  • lara
  • brothers
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being with someone who you truly hate {EDIT} by _coleworld_
being with someone who you truly _coleworld_
Cj try's to stay away from that one person she hates, that person is ray. They hated each other since they where in diapers but their parents always try to make the t...
  • marriage
  • love
  • mindless
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Shadows by HiddenShadowsRise
Shadowsby HiddenShadowsRise
I swear someone or something is watching me. Everywhere I go strange things keep happening. Then there's the stair way incident. It must've been a dream right? Whatever...
  • stalked
  • stalker
  • supernatural
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Stalked -Jason McCann- by biebver
Stalked -Jason McCann-by justin bieber
She always had that feeling, the feeling of being watched; like there was someone behind her, constantly watching her every move. Little did she know, she was Jason McCa...
  • justinbieber
  • teenfiction
  • gangs
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