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Stalked by destinymatiska
Stalkedby Destiny
What would you do if a couple weird texts turned your life for the worst? Ariana had everything she ever wanted until it was all ripped away from her by the hands of one...
~°Mine (COMPLETED)°~ by BeYourselfBeUnique0
~°Mine (COMPLETED)°~by BeYourself BeUnique
~°Then I felt arms wrap around my waist and a hand go over my mouth right before I tried to scream."You're mine now" A fimilar husky voice whispers into my ear...
Mated to a vampire (gxg) by Snowee28
Mated to a vampire (gxg)by Snowee28
An ordinary human girl starts to have strange dreams about a mysterious woman at night. Little does she know that this mysterious figure is her mated vampire who makes i...
MINE-  Her Hazel Eyes Under My Possession. by Breezy_Boo_
MINE- Her Hazel Eyes Under My breezy
I hate keeping her underground in the cell. I love her so much. I gave her everything. HOW DARE SHE LEAVE ME? she is my wife. My other half. I know she is afraid but i...
Owned by DeadFlower1999
Ownedby DeadFlower1999
Morgan was your average 19 year old girl, living a peaceful life with her loving family. Until it all changed one night when she was returning home from the library..
Unbearable Silence (completed) by khassal
Unbearable Silence (completed)by Mel
Imagine being deaf and locked up in a room your entire life, with a family who hates you with a passion. This is Anastassia's life. Anastassia is only seventeen years o...
A Vampires Lover - COMPLETE by LilithaAngel
A Vampires Lover - COMPLETEby LilithaAngel
Sequel to A Vampires Slave A year has passed, too quickly, but not quickly enough. Lara has tried to get on with her life, staying positive even after her heart was shat...
STALKED👣 by Lazy_To_Call_Tae
STALKED👣by •ɪɴɴᴇʀ ᴄʜɪʟᴅ•
Ever heard of a famous instagram star?Well ofcourse you did. It feels like they have everything that is needed in, love, etc etc. But most of them dont eve...
Michelle by creepy_stalker199
Michelleby Kimberly Faller
TORN SERIES, BOOK ONE -- Being the breadwinner of the family ain't easy; you have to work hard for the ones you love to be able to sustain their needs. It was all good f...
LINDALE by Silvia Agu
"Please help him, please you have to do something or he's going to die" she pleaded still tugging at the restraints. Narrowing his eyes at Jake he arched a br...
Kidnapped by Why Don't We by Busybee4841
Kidnapped by Why Don't Weby Bad As Bee
The whole van turned quiet except for a fuming Daniel. "Don't ever curse at me again, or else" Threatened Daniel harshly gripping my chin. "Or else what a...
The boy by Ackermanloveylle
The boyby Ackermanloveylle
This must be some really well out thought joke right? My name is Jungkook and I've just moved away from my hometown, all the way across the country. I fled from my probl...
Stalker (1D fanfic) [Editing] by bexrt12
Stalker (1D fanfic) [Editing]by Becca
I was all the way against the back of the dark alleyway. my fingertips brushed against the cold brick stopping me from escape. who knows what would happen next? it was s...
After Dark by snowflakenouis
After Darkby Tasha
Greta Van Fleet's front man, Josh Kiszka, finds himself being stalked. That's not all he finds... **COMPLETED 2/16/20**
b.p ✰ hes; major edits by recycles
b.p ✰ hes; major editsby ♺
the mafia has taken over, and he is taking over her. © all rights reserved 2015
Love is Hell (Obsessed Stalker) by xoElizabethLovexo
Love is Hell (Obsessed Stalker)by xoElizabethLovexo
What is love? Is it the feeling where your heart pumping so hard as if it's bursting out of your chest? Or is it when you are willing to do anything for that person. Lo...
Hold on to me, my Demon~Book 2 (Fell for a Demon) by Aye_pirate_gurl
Hold on to me, my Demon~Book 2 ( (っ◔◡◔)っHola amigos! ₳ⱧØɎ
~ This is Book 2 (book 1 finished! which is "Fell for a Demon!." now this is book 2! i hope you enjoy! What will happen in Book 2? Read and Find out! and- (i...
The Doll House by morgan_bopp
The Doll Houseby morgan_bopp
I had already picked the lock, I made it half way down the hallway, I heard him. "Alyssa, where are you my doll?" Shoot! I looked down at my flowery light yell...
stalker || harry styles by SamCliffohood
stalker || harry stylesby samantha
"Soon love, soon you'll be mine." In which a young woman falls victim to the boy next door; as she slowly uncovers his deepest secrets and darkest desires. Dar...
Stalked by calliethewizard
Stalkedby calysta anne renae
( Short horror story )Vanessa thought her life was perfect , her dad was leaving for a business trip and she thought she was free to do what she wanted ... Until her dad...