Ovulation test (8)

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"She was the forever unexpected and I was drunk on that about her."


We were sitting on his bed which was once our bed... but we broke up and now kind of reconciled so is it now back our bed? Well I haven't slept in it yet... I'm sitting on it though, but he payed for it...


I should stop this. I should stop trying to escape the awkward conversation. We should finally find closure in all this.

I feel his eyes looking at my hair... well more staring intensely almost burning my poor scalp.

    I can do it.

I finally look up, instantly melting under his watch. His mesmerizing grey orbs were holding me captive.

Wow, he is breathtaking. I can't ever get over it. I'm crushing all over him again. I feel a blush creeping up my cheek.

     "Tell me everything", I blurt out, trying to sound confident, but alas it only came out as a soft whine.

His jaw tightened, he was clenching his teeth tight. Something in his eyes shifted, making him seem intimidating.

My heart dropped then and there. It can't be tha-

     "I actually don't love you anymore"



     "I am joking, chill", he snickered in a soft voice.

    "That wasn't funny", I looked at him deadpanned. I tried to glare, but looking mean is not my thing.

    Wow, this Mason knows how to joke.

He looked all happily and bubbly. His dimples appeared, making me want to poke them. He looks so adorable.

     Help. My heart is melting.

     "So", I cleared my throat. "Is your.... euhh beast dead?"

I felt quite uneasy with pronouncing the word beast.

He didn't respond which shot an adrenaline of pure panic through my veins.

     "H-How do you feel about us?? Do you still want me? I'm confused. Are you still in love with me? What do you mean with you knew that I was going to chase you? And iw downt sgewt what sjoe-"

He put his hand over my mouth, making me mumble further into his hand. He shot a glare for me to shut up, before sighing out dramatically.

Teach me how to glare, mate.

     "Shh, Faye. Damn. I'll tell you everything now", he finishes his sentence with a cheeky smile.

I lick his handpalm, making him retract his hand while chuckling. It still sounds like heaven... so delicious.

He cups my hand, looking down to play with my fingers before speaking up in a serious tone. All the fun has faded away. The air in the room has shifted.

     "I admit it. You destroyed me completely. You ripped my heart out, but I could never hate you. Loosing you is my worst nightmare", he squeezes my hand.

    "I lost complete control over my body when I saw you in that bar, getting harassed. You looked so dainty and tiny in that dress. I had the need to protect you forever. No matter what, my beast needed you safe and happy so that no one else in this world could taint your heart in any way.."

He sighs in pain, making my heart ache in my chest.

     " Don't ever leave me again... please."

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