Little snitch (14)

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"Happy people build their inner world. Unhappy people blame their outer world."


Dear readers, let me recapitulate what just happened in front of our eyes. The unbelievable occurred, oh, THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR!

Why are the Halloween ghosts laughing at me and my whole fudging life? UWU

Ethan Smell Bad, Mason self proclaimed enemy, just bid to dance with ME?! Of all people ME!!

Bidding against Mason is a death wish on its own, but bidding FOR ME? That's just digging your own grave to lie within it. RIP.

The room was uneasily silenced, it felt like the big intense spotlights were only  shining onto the middle on Ethan and Mason. Everyone was staring at them. Flabbergasted was perhaps a total understatement. They knew the world was going under today. The apocalypse had begun.

Paul, the man who was presenting the whole queen/king contest, tried to take the upper hand by exclaiming in the microphone: "15 millions. Oh.... wow. I mean WOW!"

It was the most sarcastic 'wow' I had heard in all eternity. "But could SOMEONE do bette-"

      "30 million", Mason cuts him off in a loud frightening tone which intimidated everyone and their llama.

A long sigh escapes my lips, I didn't even know I was holding my breath in.

My eyes wandered to Mason who was standing still as statue. He was staring intensely at me, but avoided to look into my eyes which were screaming at him in worry.

His eyes darkened by 50 shades of grey. His body was tense and his teeth clenched.

But then came the most eerie voice of all eternity:

      "Oh Lord, I'd love to have a dance with this gorgeous lady tonight", exclaimed mr. Smell Bad with a gentle smile to the whole ball room, his voice kept on echoing.

Echo. Echo. Echo. Well, you got the hint.

No one dared to move or say anything, mr. Smell Bad took that chance to keep talking.

       Mate, no one cares.

That's what I wanted to say, but I kept quiet as I felt like I was almost going to faint. Right here and right now.

      "Mason, my friend", he turned to look at Mason, continuing to speak on the sweetest amiable voice. "We have known each other as little boys, could you please give me the honour to have a dance with your lady as I have admired her for a long time. You could dance with her day and night.... but please accept my request."

Soft whisperings louded throughout the ballroom. Everyone had their eyes on this weird love triangle.

     Mason. Ethan. And I.

Who could have guessed, they all chose mr. Smell Bad's side. They empathised with him, the third wheel who always got ignored in all love stories.

The Jacob of Bella in Twilight.

       "Oh, dear! Poor Smell Bad, not only has his name doomed him, but his childhood friend also took his love interest away", a woman in the public cried out as if she herself got shot right in the chest.

       "Yes, offer him the dance!", another man exclaimed, wiping tears away.

I don't know which dementia wave got through the whole room. Don't they know who they're talking about?


The name alone used to send shivers down everyone's spine, but lately they seemed to have warmed up to him. I've heard people say he isn't as cold and ruthless as he used to be.

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