Preg-nant (9)

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"Was I too soft or was the world too hard?"



I am pregnant... a baby.

A b-a-b-y..... BABY.

Oh, God. I'm going to faint.


"Princess, what happened? Are you okay? Who do I have to murder?", a worried looking Mason kicked the door down... WITH ONLY HIS RIGHT FOOT.

This is already the second door he has kicked off of it hangs. What does this man eat for breakfast? Steel??

"Calm down, cowboy"

My heart rate went up. I could hear the fast pulsing in my ears.

"What happened?", Mason's velvety voice could only reflect his wild concern.

He took intimidating steps forward, making me want to sink into the bed sheets.

W-what do I tell him? Will he reject us? My child.... our child?

I looked up, noticing his whole body hovering me. He was looking... no, staring at my face like there was no tomorrow.

      "Euh... well", I stammered, feeling my heart trying to escape my chest.


He bowed down, leaning his face closer to mine. I felt his warm breath against my cheek. His arms were resting next to my side, caging me. The heat of his body radiated over me.

That familiar sweet smell of his cologne mixed with his body scent, dark chocolate and mint. It didn't exactly help my heart to calm down. In contrary... I'm sure he can hear it too.

"Well what, honey?", his voice reminded me on a soft tone. He tried to suppress his anger as if he were going to burst into flames at any time.

His grey eyes were boring into mine, trying to look and pry for the answers.

I should tell him.

Yes, he has to know!!!

"Nothing. I just saw a spider. I'm just soooo dramatic. It was a big hairy white spider. MASON, HELP!!", I rambled it all out, taking no second to breathe.

Wait. What, shit.

Faye!!! I'm going to kill youuu.

I panicked so I just.... oh my. What do I do now??? I don't want to tell it yet. I will tell him eventually ... but I'm not ready.

"Didn't you live on a farm?", Mason's eyes narrowed from suspicion.

That comment took me completely aback.

      "Euh... yes?", I stammered nervously.

     "Last time you saw a spider you named it Bernard and were playing with it", he leaned his face even closer so our nose touched.

My breath hitched in the back of my throat.

     Bernard was hella cute.

Don't talk behind Bernard's back. He doesn't deserve that.

      "B-but this one was really disgusting", I stumbled over my own words.

He took steps back, dropping the whole conversation, but his suspicion didn't go away.

I sighed out, finally getting some fresh air.

"If there is something wrong or bothering you, please tell me. I will do anything to make it better"

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