Drunk Faye (2)

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"I've kissed more bottles than boys and honestly a hangover is better than a heartbreak."


All our heads turn around to look at the door.

My heart was pounding like crazy. I- I'm not readyyy. Wait a second.

    "S-should I open the door?", Liz stammers out in shock. She immediately shakes her head. "Well I don't want mr. William to choke me to dead sooooo FAYE YOU OPEN IT."

She points to the door, leaving me dumbfounded. I stared at her like a dead fish.


It seems like I had no other option than opening the door. There was no other way out of here... well maybe jumping from the balcony, but that would be my one way ticket to dead.

Although it did seem very appealing to me right to the now.

With trembling hands my fingers touch the cold door knob. I take one deep breath and open it slowly revealing....

A couple of men?

They were well dressed in black suits as if they just came out of 'man in black'.

I raise my brows up, surprised from the people in front of me.

But my confusion totally vanished when I saw a familiar person in the background... Marc? His face was blank, but his eyes were full of pain and betrayal.

I could hear Nathan's ass gasp behind me on the couch.

     "Mrs. William, we are here to take you home", a man in front of me spoke up, making my heart pound faster.

Mrs. William? It sounded hella unfamiliar.

     "I-I...", I have nothing to say.

I've hurt him.... I've hurt Mason... shit. My heart is aching again. I felt tears falling down my eyes again.

    He wants me home?

I almost smile at the word 'home'. Our home? Mason and I.

It somehow felt very heartwarming, a suiting wave rushed through my body.

"She will come tomorrow, give her time to pack things yada yada...", Liz' voice speaks up. I turn around, seeing her playing with her nails.

She looked so nonchalant as if she had no care in the world. I wish I had as much confidence as her... but alas.

"Mr. William is already impatient... he wants you back now or else...", I could see the man sweating in nervousness. His eyes shifted to look somewhere else.

The same look I had seen on the people who work for Mason on my first day there.

    "Please, come with us.... it's dangerous", another man speaks up.

    "It? What?", I ask confused.

     "Mr. William's beast."

     "Ohhh" I breathed out. A smile of sympathy played on my lips.

    "She will come tomorrow so if you don't mind we have some things to do", and with that said Liz slammed the door shut in front of all those sexy, muscular men.

    "I have to admit those men were some daddy material", she states, looking totally unfaded.

     "Why did you tell them that?", I ask in shock.

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