His fake assistant

His fake assistant

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"She's is the only one who can calm my beast. It lives for her. This body, heart and soul is hers."


    "Mason, let go of him, please", the angel's voice laced full of fear and sadness.

I don't want my angel sad, I want her happy. An angel doesn't deserve to be sad, she deserves all joy in the world. I'm going to give the angel happiness.

    "Mason, it's me Faye, your new assistant", the angel says, her sweet smell hitting my nose, leaving me wanting more.

I hear a loud tud, but don't look up. I can only concentrate on the angel standing in front of me. I take her hand that still rest on my cheek in mine and bring it to my mouth, leaving soft traces of kisses. 

My heart is still hammering in my chest, but this angel is calming it without even trying. I quickly take her in my arm snuggling my nose in her hair. Hmm... Her smell is so addicting. I want more. I need more. I crave more.

My princess.


Faye gets begged  by Liz, her best friend and journalist to help her. She needs to be Mason Williams assistant. So she could get closer to him and find his weakness.
    She needs to be his FAKE ASSISTANT.  
    What happends if Mason claims her upon first sight?
    What if she gets caught? 
    What if he falls too deep for her?
    What if he doesn't want to let her go?


*It's kinda cliché

**It's also my very first book, so sorry for my grammar

***English is also not my mother language

•I update pretty frequently•

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TaranaDeria8 TaranaDeria8 5 days ago
I would usually say it’s so quick but for some reason I thought this was appreciated
Duh_bih Duh_bih 6 days ago
Wait what ? Really ? I thought he's that's his real wife😑
Verity07 Verity07 Nov 10
Cut your finger on his jawline then, why not, it's possible isn't it? You did say it was possible! Did you... LIE?!? 😱😱😱
Whipped already.......*shakes head* you gonna have hella time lmao
Verity07 Verity07 Nov 10
Notta be rude but dis is gonna be rude.
                              That sorta sounds like tho stories that are like 'Oh ho ho I'm the most powerful.person in the world I can do everything I'm a hybrid with every magical power ever and I'm rich and I can teleport oh ho ho'
Avilade Avilade Nov 04
Guinea pigs😍 kinda salty they don’t have an emoji for them