Fairy lights (34)

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"You're the part of me I'll always need."


2 months have past by since the day he has said that confusing sentence. He hasn't mentioned it since then, neither have I brought it up.

     It's too awkward to do that.

We have grown closer to each other. I can't even remember how it was to live in my farm -without him.

It scares me thinking about going back to my farm. I've become so habitual to this New York life, to him.

I shake my head, walking through the crowd of people with bags filling my hand.

Mason wanted to go to the mall for a long time now. He almost begged me every single second of the day so I finally gave in.

He really wanted to buy me new clothes and a dress, because I haven't shopped since I came to New York.

At first I didn't want to go and told him to go alone, but the stubborn him kept on whining that he wanted to go as 'a real couple'.


Eww, I cringe.

There were three reasons why I didn't want to go.

1. I hate the mall, it's too crowded.

2. We've been on the headlines every single day, going to the mall will mean even more news of us both.

3. Mason being Mason will snap at every single person.

And who was right like always? Even after he promised me not to do anything.


We weren't even in the mall for an hour and he already made a scene in front of everyone.

Guess whose ugly ass will be seen on the head pages tomorrow?

     Mine... urgh!

I was taking quick steps, trying to avoid the grumpy man who was following my trails like a lost boy.

Mason has tried to make me talk to him, but I was far too bitter and disappointed for that.

He had apologised, yes that he has, but it was a mere apology -one you couldn't fool me with.

His eyes were still portraying the proud and fiery he had from making a scene in front of the sight of all innocent people who did nothing wrong.

"Princess, give me a kiss. Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss."


I totally ignore him and all the stares of the people in the mall.

I feel him pouting behind me, making me want to bang my forehead against something till I lose consciousness.

How old is this billionaire? He surely has a mental age of 5 year old.

"I'm sorry for making you furious, baby", he conceded before grasping my arm gently, turning me around so I stood face-to-face with his divine facet.

I cringed back from the word 'baby' he knew I didn't like it. Did he want to annoy me even further? Urgh!

I roll my eyes right at him, making a vile grin creep up his handsome face.

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