She said YES! (36)

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"We go where nobody knows."


[this chapter contains many different POVS's, please bare with me.]


I can't for a mothertokking way believe that Faye left me alone with this bitch of a Liz.


My eyes were dead set on my prey, none of the surroundings could distract me. I was too focused on my mission, perhaps my life mission.

This was the moment... this was my shot.

    I should go... NOW.

I throw my wings open, sprinting to the  OTHER  TOKKING BITCH who had stolen my  best friend from me.

The lean, tall man was jumping for his life. His screams a pleasure, running down my wings.

     "PRINCESS, COME BACK NOW!", he yells in a deep, sexy voice, making me come to an abrupt halt.


His voice almost shot an egg out of my hole.

I slyly pace closer to the man who was now standing like a statue, acting as if he was dead. My eyes inspected him closely...

     Oh helloooow there, DADDY.

He's handsome, handsome, handsome, handsome, handsome!!!!

I perceive Faye holing to us. She was standing in front of MY TOKKING DADDY. She inspected him carefully with caring eyes. She immediately jumps in his arms, hugging him. Her arms surround him, a sigh escaping her mouth.

Oh tok.

She's madly in love with him.



After Mason had met my aunt, uncle and had a tour around the little village which was only a mere walk until we were surrounded by an open field.

We were now seated, ready to have dinner with 5. Although I couldn't miss the dirty glares Liz, or should I better say Lisa-Patricia send to Mason, I must admit she had pretended pretty well.

Lisa-Patricia, the character she played was a very open and talkative person with no filter... she was just being her usual herself.

"Eli- I mean Lisa-Patricia has only told us that Faye has gone to work with a famous billionaire. I couldn't believe my ears at first. Faye, the farmer would work in a building. How is she doing her work? Did she destroy any of your documents? She can't even use a computer", my aunt dramatically exclaims, placing the back of her hand on top of her head as if she was about to faint.

"The thrust they have in me", I mutter under my breath.

I almost want to laugh at her. She is the oldest in this room, but she sometimes still acts like a teenager together with my uncle. If I wasn't here the house wouldn't be clean, the dishes wouldn't be done, the clothes wouldn't be washed, there would be no money etc.

"Faye, is a really tough girl", Mason utters, looking straight into my eyes, making my heart skip a beat. "She works hard and always thinks of others. I'm so lucky to have her."

He bows down, planting a sweet kiss on the corner of my lips. A blush creeps up my face by the stares from the people in the room.

In the corner of my eyes I could see Liz making throw up motions, but I pay no attention to her.

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