People can't change (29)

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"I try to write your name in the rain, but the rain never came."


"NATHAAAAAAAAAN", I exclaim ecstatically, jumping in his flimsy arms.

The unexplainable feeling of joy flooded through my veins. It was weird how you could miss your best friend so hard after not seeing him for.... not so long.

Still I have missed his dramatic ass, making me want to squeeze him even harder.

    "You've gained a ton lots of weight. Let me go!", he mumbles, pushing me off him.

     "I have not", I pout after steadying myself on my feet.

I place my hands on my hips, trying to look stern, but I probably end up looking like a little kid.

    "Are you sure?", he asks, eyeing me from top to bottom.

Lost for words, I end up smacking his head harshly.

"Come in, you awful friend."

We both walk into the colossal mansion, taking place on one of the Italian white leather sofa which value is even more than my whole belongings together.

     "It's big", Nathan gasps, observing every single detail as if he couldn't believe what he saw.

    "I know", I reply, scratching my neck of all the overwhelming realm.

"But it's probably not the only thing that's big", he states with a humorous undertone. He nudges my side with his elbow, blinking weirdly and rapidly with his eyes.

"Is there something in your eyes? You keep blinking weirdly", I ask gently, pulling my hand out to see, but I end up getting a snorting Nate in front of me.

What's so funny?

"Why are you so dumb and innocent?", Nate rolls his eyes while squeezing my cheek softly. I eye him in complete confusion.

    "Dumb and innocent?", I repeat, pulling both my brows up.

    "I mean like big as in... know", Nate tries to explain, making weird bobbing motions with his hand.



     "I don't know."

     "URGHH! Leave it!"

He slaps his forehead harshly, making a loud echo boom through the room.


    "Faye! Are you okay?!"

And like that a mad looking Marc stands in front of us, pointing his gun at Nathan's dumb head.

    "It's okay, Marc. Nate was just explaining that Mr. William has a BIG-"

Before I could even finish my sentence I was already engulfed by Nate. He had my head wrapped under his elbow, making me suffocate from his sweaty armpit.

    "Hey, Marc", Nate speaks lavishly still holding my face under his sweaty armpits.

    I want to puke.

I try to struggle out of his stinky hold, but who could ever guess that his flimsy arms could have so much more force than I have.

    "Nathan", Marc sighs out, pulling me from underneath Nate's arms. He probably didn't question anything of being habitual with our discussions.

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