Q&A chapter

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Hi lovelies,

London is literally so much fun. I've had the time of my life, but the weather is URGHH! Above you can see a picture which I'm proud of taking :)

Here is the Q&A chapter. Hope you guys enjoy it a bit :).

What's your writing process?

-Firstly I go to the toilet, because it's basically my second home and it gives me inspiration. I always  record the chapter on my phone so I have a better idea. Then I write it on my computer or phone and afterwards I reread it and change some words.

OHW! And I love writing with green tea or ginger tea besides me.

What inspired you to write this book?

-I always loved writing. I have more than 30 unfinished books on my computer, but one day I was in the toilet (like always) and this idea popped up in my head. I thought it was something that will leave people to hang and ask for more, because it had an unraveled plot. I combined it with ideas from my other books and TADA here it is His Fake Assistant.

Did any of your classmates read your book?

-haha, yes. If you randomly see a Dutch comment saying something plain dumb well that will be one of my friends.

Even my dad reads my book.

Are you veg or non-veg?

-I'm non-veg. I really want to go vegetarian, but my mom always exclaims that "I will die" if I don't eat meat. Gotta love my Asian mom.

Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?

- Eww, no. Do you know what's YUMMY... note it down: a hella ton of honey, goat cheese, bacon and Tabasco on pizza. Try it out! Cooking tips with me 101.

Watch out, Gordon Ramsay!

Which country are you from?

-Belgium... bruh.

What's your favorite book?

-I adore Lolita, my English teacher has introduced it in the class and I completely fell in love with the way Nabokov has written the story.

Yes, I'm against pedophilia.

What will happen with the mission?

-something...... be prepared




*grins evilly*

Where does your humor come from?

-which humor?

Who do you see as Mason and Faye?

-y'all remember that I didn't like to give a face to my characters? Yeah, I still don't like it, but many people have asked who I see as them.

Well for Mason I've found NO ONE...

He's too perfect for this world.

But for Faye I've found someone although she isn't 100% the girl who I picture, but there's something about her.

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